WWE superstars John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their destination wedding just weeks before the scheduled date. Fans of the couple were stunned by the news because both of them were very excited about their upcoming destination wedding in Mexico on May 5.

Their engagement was a public event when Cena proposed to Bella in the wrestling ring at "WrestleMania 33" on April 2, 2017. No one knows for sure why they called off their wedding, but the rumor is that Nikki wants children and John doesn't want any because they would take him away from his career.

The contract

John and Nikki began dating in 2012, the same year his three-year marriage was over with Elizabeth Huberdeau. Before Nikki could move in with John in 2013, he required his 34-year-old girlfriend to sign a 75-page cohabitation contract. They were not engaged at the time, but John and many others compared the contract to a prenuptial agreement.

Nikki told her twin sister Brie Bella during the first season of the E! reality show “Total Bellas” that she didn’t understand why she had to sign a contract in which she was referred to as a guest. However, she signed the contract anyway before she moved in.

According to Cena, he said he had Bella sign the contract to protect his net worth of $55 million so he can support members of his family.

Now that they have broken up, is the 40-year-old wrestler going to enforce the five-year-old contract that states that the guest has to vacate the premises with all her things immediately if they ever split?

Cena never seemed ashamed of having Nikki live with him as a guest.

He talked about it openly on several talk shows. He told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that he wanted her to live with him because both of them were very busy, and he was ready for her to share his dwelling so they could see each other more often. However, one condition existed. She had to sign the 75-page contract before she could step through the front door.

John always stated that the reason was so he could continue to take care of his family.

Reaction to the split

Those who know John Cena and Nikki were shocked when they called off the wedding. Those who were going to the destination wedding are disappointed that there isn't going to be one. Brie Bella says she is very hurt that John is not going to marry her sister as she had thought, but she will always think of him as a brother. Brie is married to fellow WWE star Daniel Bryan, and they have a one-year-old daughter together. She was hoping her twin would be able to experience the same joy of having a family.

People on social media are not being kind toward Cena. They said Nikki is better off without a man who calls her a guest in his house. Besides, $55 million is enough to be shared with his family without treating Nikki that way after a six-year relationship.