It’s that time of the year in which we honor our mothers and show them how much we appreciate having them in our lives. After all, they’ve spent most of their lives taking care of us and giving us everything that we need.

When you’re a mom, every day is a busy day with all the chores and other stuff you have to do. That often means you don’t have time for yourself. If the same goes for your mom, this Mother’s Day is a perfect time to “force” her into doing something for herself.

The following are gifts and activities you can do to make your mom happy this Mother’s Day.

Treat her to a spa or massage

They say that being a mom is like juggling three full-time jobs. It can be tiring — physically and mentally. On Mother’s Day, treat your mom to a full-body scrub and massage to relax her mind and body. Pamper her more with a facial, manicure, and pedicure, or treat her to a salon makeover to make her feel beautiful again.

Take a picnic or a day trip out of town

Unwind somewhere out of town with your mom. A flowery park, a lake, or a not-so-crowded beach would be perfect places to chill for the whole day. Bring foods you personally cooked, and maybe you can impress your mother with your cooking skills.

Bring her to a fancy restaurant

A mom would often spend her money on her children rather than eat at an expensive restaurant.

This Mother’s Day, let her get dressed up and bring her to a dinner at a fancy restaurant. It is one way to make her feel that she deserves to be treated like a royal from time to time.

Give her a live green plant or potted flowers

Bouquets are beautiful, that’s true. Even a long-stem flower makes quite an impression. But the flowers would wither soon enough.

If your mom loves flowers or is into gardening, giving her a live green plant or a potted flower such as tulips or roses. This would surely make her day. These are perfect and long-lasting ways of showing your appreciation.

Handwritten personal message

More than anything material, a mom would always love to hear it from her children that they love and value her.

A traditional, personally handwritten letter or card is another excellent way to tell her how much she means to you. Several DIY card tutorials are available online. These can help you make a more personal card. Alternatively, you can print a picture of the two of you together and write your most heartfelt and sincere message on the back, just like in the old days before the age of social media. Your mom will surely keep it. Making your mother feel special does not have to be expensive. Your simple gestures and efforts could make all the difference.