We all dream, though we may not remember our Dreams. When people say they do not dream, they just do not remember their dreams; or they may not understand their dreams and they simply ignore them. Dreams, after all, are not sensible and most people believe that they don't mean anything, while others believe they can save you from disasters. While dreaming is still a mysterious topic, there are facts known about dreaming. Some do try interpreting their dreams, but are the interpretations correct? In the end, dreaming is not something everyone understands, but everyone does dream at some point in their life.

Below are some aspects of dreams stemming from an article by Bored Panda.

The blind dream

It may seem strange, but the blind do dream. While dreaming is mostly seen and experienced through images, the blind can dream. If blinded at birth, the blind can see images in colors and images in their dreams. This can occur because before the person is blinded, they can mesmerize their surroundings and still have the images in their head. This allows them to still see what they remember their surroundings being. However, if the person was blind at birth they can still dream, only they sense the dreams without images. It is reported that these dreams can be just as vivid as any other dream.

Familiar people

We encounter hundreds of people in our daily lives, we may not talk to them, we may not strike up conversations with these people, but we may still glance at them. Just getting their face is enough for your dreams to create a story around them. To you, these people may not be recognizable to you personally, but your dreams will make them seem like you have known them for years.

Your unconscious brain will memorize faces easily to use them as characters in your dreaming stories. Sometimes your dreams will blend faces together for newer people to star as your dreamy characters.

Color or black and white?

Not everyone dreams in color or black and white. Only about 12 percent of sighted people dream in black and white.

The reason some people dream in black and white and others dream in color is thought to be because of when the people watched television. The older generations tend to dream in black and white due to having black and white television. The younger generation dreams in color because they watch colored television. However, some people can dream in both black and white, and color. It is unknown as to why this occurs, but it has been reported. The 12 percent of people who dream in black and white has been getting smaller and smaller in sheer numbers.