Memorial Day is a little less than a week away, specifically on May 28. It is a special holiday to honor all of the fallen heroes or soldiers that have served in the military. Typically, people spend the day with family while having a barbecue or traveling elsewhere to have a good time. Many others visit cemeteries to honor family members who died in the wars. Aside from the activities, the holiday also marks the start of the summer, as it will be a couple weeks away from the day. The problem is maybe you are unsure of what you want to do for the holiday or are planning on going somewhere last-minute or are on short notice.

An article by W Magazine lists 10 last-minute getaways for Memorial Day. Here are the ten places that you can go too.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the typical American spot with great lobster and nice hotels. According to the article, it even has a race called Figawi, which is "a sailing race from Hyannis to Nantucket that signals the start of the season." This race is conducted on Memorial Day weekend. If you need a last-minute destination, this is a terrific one, so book a room!

Montauk, New York

The city that never sleeps. The locale is dog-friendly, has nice harbor views, pools, and a fire pit. This area has a bit of everything and a beach around motels. It also has the 10th annual Memorial Day Weekend Show on the Green, which features local artisans and nice oysters.

New York, New York

Living in New Jersey, New York is just a train ride away. If you are still thinking about what to do or where to go for the holiday, head down to New York City! There are many nice hotels to stay at and places to go to, like museums, stores, and bars. You can go and spend time with friends too.

New Orleans, Lousiana

The city has a lot of rich history to it with fascinating locales and restaurants. The weather can be favorable according to the article around this time and there are a lot of places to go to within walking distance. What helps even more with this last-minute getaway is that you can book a room at The Old No.

77 Hotel & Chandlery for only $198, as listed in the article.

Coral Sands, Harbour Island, The Bahamas

The Bahamas are just beautiful in general and anybody can get so lost in the atmosphere. Coral Sands, specifically, is a great spot to relax and have a good time. Recent renovations have added more elements for people looking to get away. Perfect for Memorial Day weekend.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

Isla Holbox "is home to pink flamingos, sea turtles, pristine beaches, and colorful villages filled with thatched-roof homes." A lot of things can be done in this location as it has kiteboarding, whale shark snorkeling, horseback riding, kayaking, yoga, and stand-up paddleboarding. It sounds like quite an adventure with a lot of things to do.

It is perfect for families on Memorial Day weekend.

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Yet another spot in Mexico! This city has plenty of cultural roots with streets full of pottery, crafts, clothing, and authentic food. This can be another great last-minute destination for families on the holiday.

Sonoma City, California

Who doesn't love beautiful sunny California? California is always a good choice, but especially for Memorial Day weekend with the vast amount of beaches and sun. People can partake in yoga or exploring the near beaches near the beautiful resorts.

Barcelona, Spain

This city is very charming with a lot of history behind it. The amazing and famous church Sagrada Familia is one good reason to visit this place.

This place is perfect to go over the weekend with friends or family. According to the article, "hotels offer two bedroom suites with a kitchen and outdoor space."

Ravello, Italy

This area hosts nice rooms and spas. There are also nearby clubhouses close to the sea where guests are free to swim and tan. Ravello also offers great views of the sea and cliffs, perfect to go alone or with family or friends.

These ten destinations are sure to create a memorable and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. If you have not figured out your plans yet, check out these ten locations. Which is your favorite, or rather, which is the most enticing?