The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs absolutely no introduction. The sheer prestige of the franchise speaks for itself. Backed by the legend that has spent his whole life giving us superheroes and role models, Stan Lee, his creations continue to enrich our lives with wholesome entertainment, and fans cannot get enough.

2018 has been an absolute bonanza for movie-goers and die-hard comic book nerds, as Marvel has left no stone unturned in churning out one epic movie after another, introducing heroes that haven’t been showcased in the past, while making grandiose sequels that continue to enthrall the masses.

Fanatics are still reeling in the aftermath of both "Black Panther" and "Avengers: Infinity War," turning up the heat and taking the box office by storm. And not too long after this star-studded dessert of a movie, Deadpool arrived in his classic red and black spandex.


It is an unspoken truth that Deadpool is, in fact, the most powerful superhero in the entire Marvel universe. His boundless capabilities and sheer resilience make him everyone's favorite. Last week, "Deadpool 2" debuted in theaters all across the world.

Deadpool finally meets his match in this film, who eventually turns out to be one of his very best friends -- apart from Wolverine, of course. Cable and Deadpool forever.

The movie has garnered favorable reviews thus far, and every fanatic has been raving about it and wanting to watch it multiple times. But, fans of a different variety noticed something from one of their favorite TV shows.

Give me a hand

As a lot of us would remember from the first film, our protagonist gets his hand severed, and is seen on the couch chilling with his roommate, waiting for his hand to slowly regenerate.

He is shown to have a baby hand. There is a callback to this scene, where Deadpool is seen in the same place, regenerating his legs, and they first show up as baby legs. That said, some fans saw this as a reference to something else.

"Rick and Morty" fans noticed the similarities between this scene and a scene from an episode of "Rick and Morty," where we meet Detective Baby Legs, who is paired with Detective Regular Legs to go on a mission, as he’s clearly incapable of handling things on his own.

This duo has been compared to Deadpool and Cable, respectively, and the debate has been raging on Reddit forums. It is not known for sure whether or not this was a direct reference to "Rick and Morty," but leaving it up to fans to decide seems like a good idea.