Just weeks before they were supposed to meet, President Trump decided to cancel the summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un. While we may not know the reason for this decision, we are left wondering what is going on with Kim Jong-un and why would he risk having the US not participate in what are historical meetings. These are 10 things you probably don't know about the young dictator.

1. Always the butt of jokes

While many of those throughout the world continue to poke fun and make jokes about North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un, many forget that he’s not actually funny, and instead is a serious threat.

Under the supreme leader's reign, North Korea has faced starvation and racism. Forbes has named him the 46th most powerful person.

2. Elder brother was expected to take over

His half-brother Kim Jong-nam was expected to take over the leadership role left by his father but ended up disqualifying himself 17 years ago, after he was caught using a fake passport in order to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

3. Kim Jong-Un threatened a retaliatory strike

In March 2013, the supreme leader threatened to wipe out Baengnyeong Island in South Korea, which has been at the forefront of several naval conflicts in the past. North Korea has also threatened a nuclear attack on Washington DC and Los Angeles.

4. Kim Jong-un allegedly killed off family members

Over the past several years, he has killed off many of his relatives including his uncle Jang Sung-taek. Along with family, he allegedly has killed off many members of his staff as well as Sung-taek’s children and family members.

5. Has serious health problems

The supreme leader of North Korea appears to have ongoing health problems.

It’s been reported that he has diabetes and suffers from hypertension. He’s often seen limping and using a walking stick. Those in South Korea claim that Kim Jong-un has become very obese.

6. He is a fan of American food

Kim Jong-un has become a serious fan of American food and has made it legal for those who have the money to eat pizza, French fries and hamburgers.

7. North Korea praises him with rock carving

North Korea has carved into a local hillside a message that reads “Long Live General the Shining Sun,” and it is more than half a kilometer.

8. Zero military training

Despite being the country’s commander-in-chief and a four-star general, he has absolutely no military training at all.

9. Married with one child

Kim Jong-un is believed to be married to Ri Sol-ju since 2012. The couple has one child. Ri Sol-ju is allegedly from an upper-class family.

10. He loves American basketball

Kim Jong-un has shown his love for basketball. As a young child, he was a fan of Michael Jordan. Kim Jong-un has recently started a friendship with former NBA player Dennis Rodman, who has visited the dictator several times.