Logan” actor Hugh Jackman is confident that someone else is taking up Wolverine’s cinematic claws in the coming months. The star took to Twitter last night to reveal that he would not play Wolverine as he wanted to focus on other types of roles.

Hugh made waves when he accounted “Logan” would be his final film as the titular superhero. According to the actor, he has been playing Wolverine for several years. He first rose to prominence with his exceptional performance in 2000’s hit “X-Men.” While it's hard for fans to imagine a new actor in the role, Hugh is confident that he is not going to play Wolverine.

The actor compares three different characters

In a recent interview with The Independent, the actor compared Wolverine to that of Batman and James Bond. He sees Wolverine in the same vein as Batman or James Bond. “I am confident that someone else is going to play Wolverine, it’s a great character. For me, Wolverine is as powerful and famous as Batman and James Bond,” the actor told the news outlet.

While plans for a new “X-Men” movie is in full swing, it’s not clear what Fox’s next move is with the role of Wolverine. The studio is currently busy with the production and marketing of some other movies, including a “Dark Phoenix” spinoff and the “Deadpool” sequel.

In the meantime, Fox has recruited Hugh Jackman to serve as a casting consultant throughout its ongoing search for a new Wolverine.

The actor is correct that recasting iconic film characters has become a trend, but Wolverine has put Fox in a hard spot. A report by Comic Book reveals that Fox may keep Wolverine on ice for a few months as the studio is busy with some other projects.

Why did the actor refuse to play Wolverine again?

Hugh Jackman said in a statement to Bleeding Cool that he was little tired of playing Wolverine.

Though it is an excellent character, he is not going to return to the big screen as Wolverine. Instead, he may play James Bond, Spider-Man, or Batman in future. The star tweets that his time as Wolverine has come to an end. Fans are devastated to hear the news, but for Hugh, the character has taken up nearly ten years of his life.

In the meantime, Hugh Jackman thinks Tom Hardy can fit the bill. He believes that Tom is young, hardworking and energetic so he may play Wolverine better than any other actor. But there's no information about whether Fox is interested in hiring Tom Hardy or not.

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