Meghan Markle -- the new Dutches of Sussex -- has only been married a few days and her half-sister is bad-mouthing her in-laws in the press. Samantha Markle is voicing her disdain for the Royal Family whom she believes has disrespected her and her father. The issue at hand is the fact that Kate Middleton's father was given a coat of arms after she married Prince William, but the same was not done for Thomas Markle. Samantha ranted about the skeletons in the Windsor closet and said that they have no right to look down on anyone else. Thomas Markle, however, wants his family members to settle down and wants everyone to get along.

Samantha Markle is voicing her anger

The Royal Family is all about decorum, discretion, and privacy, but Prince Harry has married into a family of commoners who don't have to abide by British royal protocol. Samantha Markle is being very vocal about how she believes her father has been shunned by her half-sister's new in-laws. According to The Sun, Meghan's older sibling says it was an insult for her dad Thomas not to receive a coat of arms as Michael Middleton did after Kate married Prince William.

Samantha went on to say that because her father had a heart attack, it was cruel of the Royal Family to snub Thomas Markle in this fashion. She took her anger to another level and did not mince words as she attacked Meghan's in-laws by bringing up skeletons that are in the Windsor closet.

This is most definitely not the way to get an invitation to tea with the queen.

Thomas Markle wants his family to calm down

Samantha Markle told The Sun that the Windsor family looking down on her father is the equivalent of the pot calling the kettle black. She said that the Royals have generations of scandals which include infidelity, alcohol abuse, inbreeding, and substance abuse.

Ironically, the father she was defending has asked that his relatives stop bashing Meghan's new family.

Thomas Markle -- who is recovering from surgery -- told TMZ that he loved his baby girl and was proud of Meghan. He also said that he still had to purchase a wedding gift and hoped the Duke and Dutches would come to visit him after their Honeymoon.

He did not, however, share his daughter Samantha's anger. According to TMZ, the father of the bride asked his "raucous relatives" to leave the newlyweds alone. Perhaps this attitude may one day result in Prince Harry's father-in-law being invited to the Windsor Estate.