A mother who went into premature labor was told that her baby was stillborn by the doctor who attended the delivery. She didn't learn until later that her baby was decapitated inside her womb by the doctor who opted to grab on to the baby's legs and pull during this breech birth.

This story gets even more gruesome for the mother whose baby's head stayed in her womb when the baby's body was delivered. The mom was forced to undergo an emergency C-section so the doctor could remove the baby's head.

Not stillborn?

This was going to be the mother's first child, which was learned at the hearing for Dr.

Vaishnavy Laxman, 41, who delivered this decapitated baby at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland. This wasn't a third world country, this happened in Scotland.

Baby put back together to present to mother

It was alleged in court that the baby should have been delivered by a C-section due to the baby's breech position, according to Fox News. The baby's head was sewn back onto the body so the mother could hold her baby to say goodbye.

The court heard how the doctor opted not to carry out a C-section but instead told the mother to "push" as he pulled on the breach baby's legs.

The force of this pulling not only caused the baby's head to come off his little body, but the legs and arms of the infant became detached during this "botched delivery."

Promised C-section

The mother, who is known as only "Patient A" during the court proceedings, was in pain as the doctor told her to push. She told the court that she was assured by the doctor that if the baby was breech, the delivery would be by C-section.

When Dr. Laxman told the grieving mother that she was sorry after the mom was told her baby boy had died. The mother told the doctor that she forgave her and she understood how "these things happen." This was at a time when she was told only that her baby was stillborn.

Mother learns what really happened

When the mother later learned what had transpired during the birth and that her baby was decapitated in the womb, she started screaming.

The mother couldn't stop crying once learning of the severity of the injuries to her baby, according to The Sun.

The mother told the court that she would not describe this birth as stillborn, her baby was decapitated, not stillborn. The lawyer who represented Dr. Laxman told the court that the doctor had "successfully" delivered the arms, legs, and torso of the baby, but the infant's head got stuck in the mother's cervix.

Something you can't forget

A midwife who testified at the hearing described the birth that Patient A endured and said it was "something you cannot forget." She also said that the mother was extremely distressed when learning what really happened during the birth.