In recent decades several scientists have warned about solar storms and the magnetic effect it produces on the planet earth. However, as it is in the sun and it is far away, we do not think it could impact us, and we are not very interested in that news.

Solar storms can interrupt communications

The first thing that needs to be analyzed is that everything that happens in the sun affects us. In fact, only an insignificant drop of energy that the sun produces is what reaches the earth. But ft it was not for the movement of our planet that small amount of energy would burn us completely.

According to research, no other effect on human beings is known, other than what is already known. For example, how damaging it is to expose oneself to sunlight and radiation directly. Solar storms do, however, have an adverse effect on electronic devices.

The satellites being used are exposed out in space are the most affected, so that communications across the planet can be interrupted. Also due to the magnetism produced by solar storms, radio waves can be lost for a while and generate incorrect values in GPS coordinates.

A solar storm can cause a global blackout

The most critical case of what can happen is the interruption of electric power globally. So far, an event of such magnitude has not occurred, but most of the conductors are made of copper and other materials very sensitive to magnetism, which can produce a low voltage or even worse, energy loss.

However, many countries have alternative sources of electric energy that can work in cases of emergency.

Some research has suggested that if a powerful solar storm occurs, the consequence can be a big blackout.

Although a negative effect on the human body has not been demonstrated, some studies affirm that each person reacts differently when these events occur in the sun.

Our body is almost all water, and this liquid is itself a conductor of electricity, so it is not strange that some people produce electrical sparks when they touch a cloth. It will also depend on each person what type of reaction will occur when a solar storm occurs, although the truth is that radiation is harmful to anyone.

The world authorities and NASA have made efforts to let people know about solar storms. However, the truth is that there are very few who understand the consequences of a global blackout or the fall of all communications in a matter of minutes, that would be an unimaginable scenario