"Bob’s Burgers" needs no introduction, having become its own pop culture sensation since its debut in 2011. The show has run for eight seasons, the eighth season premiering on October 1, 2017, along with gaining enough attention to prompt a film adaptation. The quirky series follows the dysfunctional but loving Belcher family. Bob, the family restaurant's namesake, along with his wife Linda, raise three very different children: The monotoned Tina, the energetic Louise, and the musical Gene. The main cast and the many colorful supporting characters have their own unique blend of personality traits that matches them with one of the twelve star signs.

Aquarius: Tina Belcher

Just like Tina, the Aquarians are highly original individuals, being expressive while still holding something back. Tina tends to be confident in herself, despite having no social skills, describing herself as a “strong, sensual woman.” Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus, has these same timid qualities mixed with an aggressive nature. She is also a deep thinker, reflecting on her decisions and what she values, such as she did with her stance on shaving her legs. This characteristic reflects the air sign’s need for mental stimulation, making you Tina Belcher.

Pisces: Teddy

Teddy, a regular customer at the restaurant, is known to be friendly, if not overly friendly. Much like Teddy, a Pisces is a gentle soul that is prone to sadness. Teddy has a desire to be part of the Belcher family, frequently sticking around and telling long-winded stories to compensate for the loneliness in his life.

This reflects Pisces’ desire to make emotional connections and the generosity they hold inside of them, even in the most difficult of states, making you Teddy.

Aries: Louise Belcher

Those born under the star sign Aries are often described as being energetic and confident, much like Louise.

The youngest sibling in the family, Louise is quick-witted, displaying high intelligence and is often the one to come up with last minute plans. Aries are described as possessing a large amount of energy, along with confidence and intelligence. Louise’s erratic, but quick, leadership tendencies fit perfectly with the sign’s characteristics, making you Louise.

Taurus: Calvin Fischoeder

Calvin, a wealthy landlord that owns Bob’s Burgers along with many other properties, is a bit of an odd man. The sign Taurus values hard work but is not afraid to be stubborn and uncompromising when need be. Calvin exhibits these traits, having a strong sense of morals, while also not being afraid to cut corners or get into shadier endeavors, like his side business, to achieve his goals.

The more soft and loyal side of Taurus can be seen through his slight moments of sympathy and his connection to his family, particularly his brother, encompassing the Calvin in you.

Gemini: Linda Belcher

Linda, the enthusiastic wife of Bob, has a very multi-faceted personality, much like the two-sided Gemini. Linda is one of the most outgoing characters of the "Bob’s Burgers" cast, having a passion for the more artistic side of life while still maintaining her role as a loving mother. This represents the Gemini’s diversity and air signs need to experience new things while still caring for what is already present in their lives, awakening the Linda in you.

Cancer: Gayle

The sign Cancer is known for being one of the most emotional and sensitive signs, perhaps one of the more difficult ones as well. Gayle, Linda’s sister, is known to be socially awkward, often being sensitive enough to not take jokes well and having a hard time connecting with others. Gayle channels her emotions into her art, making her a good fit for the emotional, but sometimes unreachable Cancer in you.

Leo: Jimmy Pesto Jr.

Jimmy, the long-term love interest of Tina, is a passionate, emotional character. Jimmy is a tender character, despite being ignorant of Tina’s feelings at times.

Much like a Leo, Jimmy expresses these feelings in warm-hearted, sometimes heated ways, ranging from fighting with another boy to giving Tina a valentine. Leo is known to have a creative spark, being expressed in Jimmy’s passion for dancing, just like the humble yet boasty Leo that you are.

Virgo: Bob Belcher

Bob, the head of the Belcher family, is often the most level-headed. He is practical and attempts to balance out each aspect of his life, sometimes with mixed results. Much like Bob, a Virgo takes a practical and methodical approach to life, often leading to an imbalance between work and downtime. A perfect fit for the well-meaning restaurant owner.

Libra: Zeke

Zeke is Jimmy Pesto Jr.’s best friend from the wrestling team, and often the disdain of Tina. Zeke is portrayed as being protective of his fellow students and others, even running a self-defense group for women. This sense of fairness and justice is indicative of Libra. The scales of Libra lean toward more cooperative behavior, something Zeke encourages through his protection. Libra is also fond of partnership and companionship in their lives, such as the strong bond between Zeke and Jimmy, all these characteristics making you Zeke.

Scorpio: Mickey

Bank robber turned friend, Mickey is a deceiving character upon first sight. He comes off as violent and deranged, but in reality, he’s just a nice, witty guy with a short temper. Mickey has strong opinions, hating Pesto’s pizza enough to shoot the boxes and having a strong dislike of cops. Much like Scorpio, Mickey is a loyal, passionate friend when the opportunity is presented, but also has a distrusting and aggressive side that can easily show through, just like the Scorpio in you.

Sagittarius: Gene Belcher

The middle child of the Belchers, Gene, is an energetic and humorous boy.

Gene enjoys telling jokes, performing, and making sound effects with his keyboard, indicative of the sense of humor that Sagittarius is known to have. This sign loves to explore the world around them through humor and curiosity, resonating deeply with your zodiac. Sagittarians are also known to value their freedom, often leading to impertinence. Gene reflects this sign’s love for freedom, leading to him having poor concentration and memory.

Capricorn: Gloria

Gloria, the mother of Linda, often comes off as a nagging and stubborn woman. She disapproves of much of what Bob does, despite respecting Bob and Linda’s marriage and partnership.

This reflects tendency of this sign to be condescending to some around them, as well as the strong love of tradition and family values that this sign is prone to have. Being an earth element, this sign is often stubborn, much like the loud Gloria. Ring a bell?