In history, there have been many governments and World leaders who have tried to get masses of people under their control. They used ways such as military force and brain washing to try to control people to do what they want. In the early 1950s, it is said that United States soldiers captured by the North Korean military were brainwashed to start following communism. After being released, they were questioned and it was confirmed that they were in fact put through tests to change their thoughts and beliefs. Reports by the Washington Times and Britannica were used to construct this article.

Mind control experiments

In the 1950s the Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA, began experiments in which they studied the possibility of mind control. They were in the middle of the Cold War and were looking into ways get the upper hand on the Soviet Union. They began by giving doses of LSD, which is a mind-altering drug that can, in large doses, make the mind become persuasive and lead to control of thoughts. It is the same drug Charles Manson was said to have used to sway people to commit acts of violence, including murder. At the beginning of the project, they used volunteers, but as it grew larger they began to test there theories on foreigners and eventually unsuspecting Americans.

Declassified CIA documents show that research grants were funded by the CIA to leading universities such as Harvard to conduct mind-controlling experiments. Many of the professors didn't even know who the experiments were funded by. It is believed that Ted Kacynnski, better known as the" Unabomber," was part of such tests in the early 1960s at Harvard University.

This being written in Kaczynski's "Manifesto," which he wrote, detailing why he followed through with the terror attacks.

The CIA began to use LSD

These tests were done all over the country. From San Francisco, where they spiked drinks with LSD, and monitored the results, to New York City, where CIA agent and military scientist Frank Olson had his drink laced with LSD.

This was an attempt to see if Olson would be able to keep the top-secret information a secret. Olson jumped out his New York City apartment window to his death. Thought to have been a suicide, later unclassified documents showed that he was given the LSD without his knowledge. The Netflix documentary "Wormwood" depicts the story of Olson's death and his family's struggle to find the truth of how Frank Orson really died. In the mid sixties, the CIA shut down all operations due to the firestorm that was started due to the Olson death and other related mind-altering experiments.