Sometimes we can all use some helpful advice from the Stars. Here is what you need to know to make your day as successful as possible.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life and that means that you have put the past behind you and have decided to move forward with even more determination and gusto. It is not every day that you wake up feeling so free and accomplished with yourself and you should be thankful for all that has happened in your life and that you can still hold your head up high. You by nature are a truth seeker and you are always looking for this quality in others if for some reason you do not see it you move on quietly and without much ado.

You are seen as the life of the party by most people but deep inside you are very shy and reserved and you know what it feels like to be in a crowd and be lonely. You love the outdoors and nature and this is where you are at your best most days.

This would be the time to join in on a 5k or 10k run or some other sporting activity, after all, it is summer and you need to enjoy every moment of the sunshine. You can also take your significant other or partner out on a date to your favorite place I am sure this would be well appreciated, no matter what you do this is your time to have fun. If you are single this would be a great time to pursue a relationship, they have been many interested people of late.

You can also check out the online dating sites but with caution.


As a Sag you have a strong and positive working relationship with Money, you love to share and give and this is one of your stronger qualities. You love to work at a job where you are not restricted and no one is looking over your shoulder constantly and so most of you become natural entrepreneurs, which is for the better.

In the coming weeks and months, you will have the opportunity to assist several to assist several people with a project that will win you a bumper earning and in your true fashion, you will be able to help a friend who is in need. They will be forever grateful for the assistance and it will make you happy you could help in such a substantial way.

This would be a good time to help a local charity with a fundraising college fund project, you have all the necessary skills, ideas and you definitely know the right people to contact, this would be your way of giving back to your community and to the students as well. You can also offer your services at the local community center to teach others about finances and budgeting, this will earn you more reputation and a new group of friends to hang out with. Whichever one you decided to do, just do it in full Sagittarian style with lots of fun, laughter, and so much love.