With season nine piloted just weeks ago on April 25, "Archer" proves to remain the most sought-after animated television show under the secret agent/mystery/drama category.

Having gained fame worldwide for its animation that is often compared to the likes of immensely successful game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games and movie franchises such as James Bond, "Archer" as a show would have never seen the light of day without a rough start, to begin with.

Adam Reed, creator of "Archer" has been a writer and show maker for Adult Swim and his show Frisky Dingo was sacked after the first couple of seasons.

Henceforth moving forward gloriously to bag multiple Critics Choice Awards and Golden Derby’s, "Archer" is a one of a kind treat for those who are willing to delve into the world of the adult animated sitcom at its finest.

Aries - Cyril Figgis

Voiced by Chris Parnell, Cyril is one amongst the prime core entities of the show. His undeterred spirit coupled with his rigid soul, not to forget the fact that he has been the President of San Marcos for a short time showcasing his leadership abilities, makes up the perfect Aries in you.

Taurus - Barry Dillon

Voiced by Dave Willis, Bartholomew aka Barry is an agent turned cyborg by the hands of the KGB. Meticulous and logical in ways people wouldn’t imagine, Barry ranks up to be villain #1 on Archer's list of nemeses. The Taurus in you also makes you shrewd yet outwardly sexual, also leads him further towards being Barry.

Gemini - Katya Kazanova

Voiced by Ona Grauer, Katya is a core protagonist in the series. Being a former KGB ally, the primary love interest of the protagonist of the show, and going cyborg to eventually lead the KGB, Gemini’s exhibit a dual character, making you Katya.

Cancer - Sir Arthur Henry Woodhouse

Being the loyal valet and nurturing the protagonist in the absence of his mother, Woodhouse is a loving, caring, and overall wholesome individual. Voiced by George Coe, Tom Kane, and Roy McCrerey, Woodhouse is selfless and wise beyond his years, reflecting dearly onto the Cancerian in you.

Leo - Sterling Archer

The protagonist of the show, Archer is the man of the hour. Voiced by Jon Benjamin, his character represents leadership, raw sexuality, loyalty, recklessness, boasty, and proud behaviorism, which are all characteristics traits of the ruler of the zodiac, the Lion in you, making you Archer.

Virgo - Cheryl Tunt

Coming from a background of riches and being fancy enough to own a pet ocelot named Babou, Cheryl is a loyal and serving secretary to Malory Archer. Your goal-oriented approach towards life coupled with a reclusive emotional side makes you the fun, happy-go-lucky Virgo that Cheryl is.

Libra - Ray Gillette

Being the walking, breathing epitome of balance, Ray is one of the core characters of the show. He is multi-faceted, his job encompassing the fields of analysis, specialization in explosives, and agent of ISIS, which speaks to the zodiac of balance in you.

His humble childhood and background help him easily come to terms with the simpler things in life, always maintain a healthy balance between work and play.

Scorpio - Malory Archer

None other than the protagonist's mother herself, and the former CEO of ISIS, Malory is the mothership of operations. Her blunt attitude, fondness for fine liquor, and leadership capabilities make her a flawless Scorpio in every sense of the zodiac, and if you’re a Scorpio, Malory is your spirit animal.

Sagittarius - Slater

Voiced by Christian Slater, Slater is a primary liaison between the ISIS and the CIA.

Thrilling and living on the edge, Slater initially appears to the audience as a arms dealer who deals in cocaine. His outgoing personality coupled with his loyalty poses him as the Centaur, leaning to the Sagittarian in you.

Capricorn - Doctor Krieger

Voiced by Lucky Yates and appearing first in the episode Mole Hunt, Doc Krieger is an emotional bundle of wholesomeness and science. Head of the applied science research department and being a smart, trilingual force to be reckoned with, his smarts and feels perfectly encompass his traits falling under that of the goat. Don’t all these traits make you the Doc? Sure they do!

Aquarius - Lana Kane

Being the current girlfriend of the protagonist along with bearing his child, while also being a deadly force to be reckoned with, Lana Kane voiced by Aisha Tyler is a core character who has the protagonist through thick and thin. Pushed by her parents to always chase success, her relentless personality with her sweet, generous, emotionally vulnerable traits encompasses the aquarian in you, making you Lana.

Pisces - Pam Poovey

Voiced by Amber Nash, Pam is well within the core character circle, and the Director of Human Resources for ISIS.

Being true to herself than most people around her, while being in touch with combat-ready ass-kicking demeanor, Pam is an absolute sweetheart who won’t miss a chance to cheer people up, which resonates deeply with you.