Brigitte Nielsen, known for her roles in “Red Sonja,” “Rocky IV,” and “Beverly Hills Cops II,” posted the most recent photo of her growing baby bump on her Instagram account on Wednesday, May 31. The Danish-Italian actress, reality star, and model is having her fifth baby with her fifth husband, Mattia Dessi, 39, according to People. The couple was married in 2006.

Brigitte has four sons from previous relationships. Her love life has been as varied as her career.

Her current husband, Dessi, is a former model and bartender, The Sun (UK) reported in a breakdown of his background, as well as his wife’s prior relationships and marriages.

‘Strange Love’ led to actress’ marriage to fifth husband

In 2005, Brigitte’s then-semi-boyfriend, Dessi, made appearances on the VH1 reality show “Strange Love.” Though the show spotlighted Brigitte’s relationship with former Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav, referred to by Brigitte as “Foofie,” the program wrapped with Dessi winning Brigitte’s heart.

The now-pregnant Brigitte married Dessi initially in 2005, but the wedding didn’t take because she was not, yet, legally divorced from her racecar driver husband Raoul Meyer. Meyer was fourth in the line of her husbands and the father of two of her four sons – Raoul Jr.

and Douglas Aaron.

Because her marriage to Dessi, in the Dominican Republic, needed a post-divorce do-over, Brigitte legally married him in 2006. Their wedding was in Malta, Italy.

Former model had romances and weddings with Hollywood’s elite

Some of the men Brigitte has a history of romance with include Sean Penn and Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to The Sun and Brigitte’s public disclosures.

She was also engaged to the NFL’s Mark Gastineau, whose son with Brigitte, Killian, was born in 1989.

In 1990, the former Georgio Armani and Playboy cover model, married Sebastian Copeland, who is Orlando Bloom’s cousin. Before her marriage to Copeland, she was married in 1985 to Sylvester Stallone. Brigitte’s first marriage, in 1983, was to Kasper Winding, which lasted until 1984 and also gave her and Winding their son Julian.

Pregnant at 54, mom-to-be attracts critics and supporters

The ever-busy actress, model, and expectant mom has attracted a mix of supporters and haters since posting her baby bump photos on her social media account. While it is not a mainstay for a lot of women to experience pregnancy and childbirth in their fifth decade of life, it was a decision between Brigitte and her husband to have a baby.

When people are putting down the mom-to-be, it smacks of ageism. When famous, older men father children, their virility receives tacit nods of approval. News of Brigitte’s pregnancy, however, seems to be a blank ticket facilitating society’s double-standard to rear its ugly head as people make rude remarks to her and about her on social media.

Brigitte, based on her Instagram photos, her physical appearance, and her attitude, wears pregnancy well – for a woman of any age. She was beautiful from the time she launched her modeling career in the early 1980s and she is just as captivating and stunning now.

The ageism and sexism represented by social media users, and trolls, hasn’t escaped women supporting Brigette in her pregnancy. An Instagram user, for instance, who uses the moniker @momma7507, noted, “Nobody is never toooooooo old for a boogie shoobie belly,” which is clearly supportive of Brigitte and her family.

Another Instagram user, @hjj_ks@glamrgirl, relayed, “My great grandmother had twins at 54 naturally. She also gave birth to 23 children,” adding that the children were “raised and paid for by her and my great grandfather in a time where there were no benefits. It is natural in some instances.” Take that, naysayers.

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