With Prince Harry set to marry actress Meghan Markle this coming weekend, there will be plenty of people celebrating the big occasion. The Royal Wedding will take place on Saturday, with United States viewers able to watch in the early hours of the morning. For those who want some sort of item or keepsake to commemorate the occasion, there are also some rather strange options out there. Sure there are pins, postcards, and fake wedding rings, but there's even more than that available. Here are just five of the strange or "unique" items that people can actually purchase now or after the big wedding takes place.

1. The Royal Wedding coloring book

This particular coloring book isn't necessarily the strangest item listed here but will allow people to color the couple in unique ways. Will jealous women paint Megan Markle green with their envy, or will kids decide to transform the couple into aliens? It allows one's imagination to run wild.

The book is available on Amazon for just $10 or less and allows parents to give it to their children as a way to celebrate this important event in history. It features 30 pages in total which are one-sided and can be removed for display.

2. The Royals comic book

"The Royals: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Wedding Edition" is a special new biography comic book selling for $7.99 at Barnes and Noble online. The book, which is 28 pages in length, was written by Michael Frizell and put out by TidalWave Productions. Comic book artist Joey Mason supplied the cool looking cover which shows the husband and wife smiling as they wave to their admirers.

So what's inside? A behind-the-scenes look at how the couple met and the big royal wedding came about. It's a comic book version of their love story, fit for handing down from generation to generation to come. Also, one never knows -- some comic books actually increase in value too!

3. A Royal breakfast cereal?

Yes, many people's favorite breakfast option now includes the soon-to-be-wed couple.

A cereal called "Harry & Meghan's Wedding Rings" is available, with Etsy selling boxes at $55 a "snap, crackle, pop." Are they more for consumption or more for display, though?

Back in the day, people actually saved full boxes of Wheaties featuring the image of Michael Jordan or other famous sports stars on the front. Now the same can be done with a box featuring the smiling couple on the front. The breakfast cereal is said to be limited to just 1000 boxes and is a "toasted multigrain hoops" style that is suitable for vegetarians.

In addition, 50 percent of the profits are given to the Homeless Breakfast Club, so this item isn't just lining the creator's pockets.

4. Royal Couple 'WiperWagger'

Wiper Waggers makes a special kind of wiper accessory for those people who want to show off various Celebrities. Options have included U.S. President Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Kim Jung-un, and the Queen of England. The items make for a fun touch to add to vehicles, most of the time.

While the smiling Queen of England is shown above, the newest addition to the Wiper Waggers family features the royal couple. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are seen smiling together for display on a vehicle. The unique aspect of these is that they attach to one's rear windshield wipers and make it look like the person or couple is waving as the wipers are being used.

Not a bad way to celebrate the big wedding and the couple's marriage!

5. Royal Couple condoms?

Yes, even the protective wear has been turned into something celebrating the big UK wedding event. After all, won't people be inspired to try to make babies on the big day? The Crown Jewels Heritage Condoms feature "four condoms fit for a prince," as Prince Harry and Megan are shown smiling on the front of the package. Surely the couple believes in the concept of being safe, although it doesn't appear to be anything they have backed yet in terms of the marketing.

The "as seen on TV" commemorative items also have another unique feature which makes it even stranger for some people to consider using.

They're touted as the only condoms that will actually play "God Save the Queen" and "The Star-Spangled Banner." Who said condoms only have one true use?

Those are just five of the strangest pieces of royal wedding merchandise available. There are earrings, paper dolls, hats, skirts, and many other items depicting the images of the famous couple -- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As far as which ones will be the most popular, that remains to be seen!