Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement last November, more and more details are emerging about their upcoming wedding. Much of the information involves a mixture of traditional and non-traditional details.

1. Date of Wedding

The wedding date is set for Saturday, May 19, 2018. Most royal weddings take place during the week. On the weekday of other royals, the day became a holiday. Businesses were closed, and people had the day off from work. The date for Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding is different.

2. Place of wedding

Prince Harry chose St.

Geoge's Chapel at Windsor Castle because that place has special meaning for him and Meghan. Their guest list is limited because the facility seats only 800 guests. That's fine with the couple because the wedding will not be a state affair.

3. Baptism and confirmation

Meghan has been divorced and is a Protestant. At one time, she would not have been able to marry Prince Harry. However, Queen Elizabeth changed the rule, but Meghan still has to be baptized and confirmed into the Church of England before the wedding.

4. Meghan's wedding dress

Meghan might not wear a traditional white wedding dress. It might be off-white, ivory or champagne. Some are saying she might even wear a yellow or blue gown made by one of her favorite designers.

5. Something borrowed

Meghan Markle will follow the tradition of wearing something borrowed. It will probably be a tiara borrowed from Queen Elizabeth. By doing so, she will be following another tradition of wearing a tiara as well as something borrowed.

6. Myrtle in the bridal bouquet

Myrtle has been in royal bridal bouquets since Queen Victoria included a sprig in her bouquet back in 1840 to symbolize love and marriage. Meghan is not breaking that tradition, but she will include peonies, which are her favorites and Lily of the Valley to honor Princess Diana.

7. No balcony kiss

After the couple is pronounced husband and wife, fans waiting outside will not see a kiss on the balcony like they saw when Harry's parents and brother were married. This will not happen because there is no balcony at St. George's Chapel.

8. Carriage ride

The newlyweds will follow the tradition of taking a horse-drawn carriage ride between the wedding ceremony and the reception.

It will be a short 1.33-mile ride around the streets of Windsor Castle so people will see the couple before they return to the building for their first reception.

9. Two wedding receptions

Prince Harry and Meghan will have two receptions. The main daytime reception will be at St. George's Hall after the carriage ride. Harry's father is giving them a second more private reception for family and close friends later in the evening.

10. Reception speech

Meghan's 73-year-old father Thomas Markle is expected to walk her down the aisle, but he will not make a speech during the reception. Meghan will break from tradition and make her first speech as a married woman. She will give a tribute to her new husband and a thank you to Queen Elizabeth.

11. Snack foods

It is hard to believe, but reliable sources say hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, and doughnuts will be served at the second reception. Meghan wants snacks at her late night reception that will be different from the earlier formal sit-down dinner.

12. Wedding cake

Prince Harry doesn't want a traditional royal wedding cake. Because he loves bananas so much he wants a banana-flavored wedding cake.