Mother's Day is May 13 and is almost upon us. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has purchased a gift and some individuals have absolutely no idea what to give. If this is you or someone you know, there is no need to despair. There are a couple of last-minute things you can do, that will make the day memorable. If the time to shop, and money for the ideal present, are an issue, these ideas will be sure to please. You can still make the second Sunday in May very memorable for your mom or mother figure. She will be pleased and your effort will not break the bank.

These two last-minute hacks should be just what will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Accompany your mother to church on Sunday

Young people today are moving away from the traditional church services that their parents and grandparents grew up with. You may be part of a more progressive congregation where the music is lively and the sermons more appealing. Perhaps you have gotten away from church attendance all together and vowed never to set foot in your mom's house of worship ever again. Just for this one day, set aside your personal feelings and accompany your mother to church on Sunday.

Ignore those who go on and on about people who only show up on special occasions and give your special lady a treat.

You can offer to take your mom to her house of worship, let her know that you will meet her there, or make it a surprise. No matter how you do it, make your presence known and put a smile on her face for Mother's Day. After service, spend some time with her if possible. This last-minute hack is one that women have been praying for each year for decades.

Another way to make the second Sunday in May a special occasion is by making it a family affair. Call all available relatives and ask them for this one day to join you at your mom's church.

Visit those who are shut in on Mother's Day

If your mother is deceased and you have no one to honor, please consider visiting women who are shut in on the second Sunday in May.

There are mom's and grandma's or mother figures who are homebound, in hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement centers. Set aside an hour or so of your time to visit those who are unable to go to church or get out for any other reason. Again you can enlist others to come along to make the day more special.

If you come up with a gift idea by Sunday, by all means, do give it to that special lady. If finances are an issue you can always purchase a card. In Dollar Tree, they are two for $1.00. You may not feel that just showing your face in church, at someone's home, or another venue on Mother's Day is worthwhile, but for many older women, all they really want is to know that someone cares. For them, these two last-minute hacks will mean more than anything money can purchase. Your presence will mean more than any present you can buy.