Harvey Weinstein is one of Hollywood’s best-known producers and was the co-founder of Miramax Films. He has been mentioned in the credits of several of Hollywood’s most popular films. Weinstein has received multiple awards and many various accolades. Almost every Oscar winner has mentioned him by name during their acceptance speech. This week Harvey Weinstein finally decided to turn himself into the NYPD and now faces charges of rape and sexual abuse.

1. Harvey Weinstein was honored by the French Legion

The French National Order of the Legon of Honor gives out their highest award to those who have given military and/or civil service to France.

Among those who have received the award include Steven Spielberg, Jules Verne, and Charlie Chaplin.

2. Harvey Weinstein honored by the British Government

Along with his French merit award, Queen Elizabeth II presented Weinstein with the title of Honorary Commander of the British Empire. Weinstein received the award for his work on increasing the popularity of the British film industry. As he fights the charges of rape and sexual abuse, many are left wondering whether he will be stripped of this honorary title. The only person to have been stripped of the title is Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, for his numerous human rights violations.

3. Weinstein supporting Roman Polanski

Harvey Weinstein has been very vocal when it comes to defending Roman Polanski.

In 1977, Hollywood director Roman Polanski, sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl. Polanski was then arrested in 2009 and now resides in France. He still has not been extradited to the United States. Weinstein has been working at keeping Polanski from being extradited.

4. Harvey Weinstein donates to charity

Harvey Weinstein is best known for being a major financial supporter of the Democratic Party and recently contributed to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Weinstein also contributes to a variety of charities and causes including the American Foundation for AIDS Research and the Lebron James Family Foundation.

5. Harvey Weinstein is dead serious about editing

Weinstein is all about editing when the time comes. Many top filmmakers have begged Weinstein not to make numerous cuts to their films, including top Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki.

Weinstein forced Miyazaki to make several cuts to his film before it could be released in the United States. Other top Hollywood directors allege that their films failed to get an Oscar nomination because of Weinstein’s demands for reshoots and editing to the point where the final version is nothing like the director’s original story.

6. Weinstein pressures you until you're dead

Weinstein was growing frustrated with the slow progress of the film “The Reader.” The delay was a result of the two producers, Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella's, surprise deaths. In an attempt to speed up the release, Weinstein attempted to make himself part of the editorial team. Weinstein wanted the film to be released in time for Oscar consideration.

However, Pollack managed to stop Weinstein, but Weinstein continued to pester Pollack until he passed away.

7. He’s never received a star on The Walk of Fame

More than 2,600 Hollywood icons have been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Producers such as Brett Ratner and Ken Corday have received a star. Many people wonder why he has not received a star. His companies have been strongly successful and movies he produced or distributed have been nominated 341 times, and have won 81 times.

8. There have been suspicions for years

In 2005, Courtney Love released a video offering advice to young Hollywood starlets about Weinstein. Love warned of possible libel. The Creative Artists Agency fired back by banning her.

Over the years, others have taken shots at Weinstein. One of the main reasons strong allegations have been rare is because The Weinstein Company forced employees to sign controversial NDAs.

9. Harvey’s brother also facing sexual harassment allegations

It didn't take long for Harvey Weinstein's brother to face similar accusations. Bob has so far only faced one claim of sexual harassment. Bob's lawyer responded by denying the allegation and offered emails as proof.

10. Weinstein is also accused by Queen Cersei

Along with Rose McGowan and Kate Winslet, Weinstein has faced accusations from Cersei Lannister. According to Variety, Lena Headey who plays the "Game of Thrones" character Queen Cersei, discussed her first meeting with Weinstein on Twitter, back in 2017. Headey claimed she was propositioned by Weinstein.