Much of the music world has been living in a quiet haze this year. Sure, Cardi B and Jack White have released hit records. But otherwise, we've been stuck in a stupor.

Next month, that finally changes.

Some of the brightest young stars in music are releasing an Album this May. Some of rock's biggest acts are also stepping up to the plate. In other words, there should be no shortage of great tunes.

Here are the albums to be on the lookout for in May.

5. 'Love is Dead' - CHVRCHES

The Scottish band promises to be a bit more poppy on their third studio album.

Hit record maker Greg Kurstin co-produced the entire record. They also worked with members of The National and Eurythmics. Four singles have already emerged, curtailing some of the mystery of a new record and new direction. If there are any songs like "The Mother We Share," this should be a great record. [May 25]

4. 'And Justice for None' - Five Finger Death Punch

The heavy metal band has infiltrated the mainstream. While this is their first studio album since 2015, they hit their nirvana in 2017 with a greatest hits record. The single "Gone Away" is already a hit. That means expectations for one of the world's most famous heavy metal bands are on the rise. Missing out on those expectations would be a miscarriage of justice.

[May 18]

3. 'Voicenotes' - Charlie Puth

We've been down this road with Puth before. He made this very list once upon a time for this very album. Of course, it didn't end up meeting its original release date. Instead of rehashing old commentary, let's just hope that the record finally comes out this month.

[May 11]

2. 'Shawn Mendes' - Shawn Mendes

It's rare for an artist to give their album an eponymous name on the third go-around. It's indicative of an artist trying to come into his own, though. The pop singer is expected to provide a more mature sound, both physically and in lyrical content. The single "In My Blood" hints at the new direction, detailing Mendes' struggle with mental health.

What follows remains to be seen. [May 25]

1. 'Electric Light' - James Bay

Come on, let it go - you know you love James Bay. The British crooner knocked two hit songs out of the park on his debut album in 2016: "Hold Back the River" and the ubiquitous "Let It Go." That creates a sense of expectation for his sophomore effort. Much of the record remains a mystery; there have been three singles, but only one has charted anywhere in the world. [May 18]