Valentine's Day is the holiday where more chocolate is sold than at any other time of the year. If you are going to be purchasing candy for a loved one, the best way to show you care is to consider buying Dark Chocolate. It is a type of chocolate that has more health benefits than plain milk chocolate. Rather than your sweetie finding one or two pieces within a large box, you can be creative by choosing from an entire array of goodies from the cacao plant. Darker cocoa has a richer taste that some consider to be slightly bitter, but according to various studies, it is much better for the heart, circulation, reducing stress, and relieving pain and inflammation than other forms of chocolate.

Make Valentine's Day rich and dark

Most every company that produces chocolate candy now offers versions made from the blacker cocoa. The Mounds bar and Hershey's Special dark have been around for a while. Today, if you check the grocery aisles or the local drugstore, you will find M&M's, Milky Way, and Snickers have this option as well. Health food stores even offer organic chocolate with a darker hue.

If you cannot find what you are looking for elsewhere, you may consider purchasing your sweetie's favorite candy in bulk and creating your own personal gift. If you are shopping for Valentine's Day in person, make sure to look for or ask a store clerk if they sell boxed or bagged candy that is completely dark chocolate.

There is also the option of ordering exactly what you desire online. You can get one particular type of chocolate or a box or bag of mixed chews.

Dark Chocolate is a fun way to enjoy February 14

Whether you purchase a large bag of candy, fill a box with M&M's, mini bars of snickers, mounds, or Milky Ways for Valentine's Day, just be sure to have fun and use dark chocolate.

You may find one huge lump of chocolate shaped like a heart or a box with a variety of choices from the blacker cacao plant. You may decide to go with what is already packaged or you can be creative and use your imagination to come up with something unique and original. Whatever you decide, make this February 14 a day to remember for your special someone and or everyone to whom you decide to give the gift of healthy dark edibles.

Your sweetie does not have to be the only one to reap the health benefits this year. On February 14th you can have some fun and give dark chocolate treats to family members, coworkers, or friends. School-age children and teachers who will be indulging can make this a fun way to introduce others to the rich taste and all the wonderful ways this yummy food can improve your mind and body. Don't forget to save some of the spoils for yourself.