Do you know that onions, scientifically known as Allium cepa, are not vegetables alone? They have several amazing uses and benefits for the skin, hair, and body generally.

They might make one cry, but after realizing their wonderful benefits, they would surely make one laugh in the long run. Onions, also known as bulb onions or common onions can be cooked or eaten raw. These vegetables belong to the same class with ginger, garlic, chives, and leeks.They flourish well in Temperate regions.

So what are the health benefits of onions?

  • A study conducted by the University of Guelph shows that the red onions help to destroy colon and breast cancer because they have high levels of quercetin and anthocyanin, two compounds that kill cancerous growth in the body.
  • They also contain thiosulfinates, a substance that acts as natural blood cleansers and reduces the risk of heart attack/stroke.
  • Are you having bowel issues? Onions are known to promote healthy digestion because they contain inulin, a fiber with bacteria beneficial to the intestines.
  • It has been suggested that onion juice relieves earaches, but Business Insider points out there is no factual basis for this yet.
  • How about insomnia? Sleep disorder is quite a big deal. Not to worry, onions can correct this body abnormality. They produce metabolic byproducts, which improves sleep, reduces stress and influences brain function.
  • They support the liver and gets rid of waste hormones, helpful during menopause.

Onions can also be infused into one's beauty regime

  • They contain Vitamins A, C, and E necessary for a beautiful smooth skin, according to Stylecraze.
  • Everyone desires a youthful skin. Onion comes in handy because of its anti-aging properties because it contains anti-oxidant vitamins that help fight damages caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  • Are you battling with acne? Onion juice can work wonder for your skin. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties protect the skin from bacteria and other infections that can cause acne and pimples.
  • It is quite easy to get an even skin tone with onion juice. It is perfect for getting rid of dark spots, pigmentation and removing skin impurities. It is also useful for getting rid of moles, treating stings and bites.
  • They contain sulfur that helps stimulates the skin cells, very ideal for hair growth and corrects thinning hair. So if you desire long strong hair, you should include applying onion juice.
  • Other uses of onion juice for hair include treatment of head lice and dandruff. It can also be used to maintain one's hair color.