"Rick and Morty" chronicles the inter-dimensional adventures of an alcoholic, misanthropic scientific genius (Rick Sanchez) and his big-hearted, dim-witted, chronically nervous grandson (Morty Smith). The show combines the meta-TV writing of Harmon, best known as the creative force behind the erstwhile NBC sitcom "Community," and the puerile imagination of Roiland, best known as the screeching voice of Lemongrab on Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time."

Want to buy some candy?

It goes without saying that from the very first glance into this wholesome goodness of an animated television phenomenon, the viewer can say without a doubt that the creators of the show are definitely not your everyday storytellers.

The incredible and sensational fulfillment one derives from the show leans a lot towards the obvious fact that the show is made by people who are high, for people who are high.

Although the show has undoubtedly managed to span across audiences of all ages across our planet, leading to its unfathomable but well-deserved success, it has been showcased many times that the show’s creators, especially Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, are either drunk or high as a means to achieve the extreme nature of the show. The show’s episodes and promotional shorts also include references to various substances, and one doesn't have to have an eagle’s eye to notice that. It’s very much in your face, and that's what makes it one of the best shows out there.

A franchise on its own

Capitalizing on the ideal opportunity that it is, entrepreneurs across the globe have made the aforementioned phenomenon into a material reality. There are all sorts of gadgets, utilities, and substances with the tag of "Rick and Morty" attached to them. We’ve listed a bunch of these to show just how viral the show has become.

You might have to be a stoner to get these.

Let us begin with some of the essential utilities in your everyday stoner's arsenal. Crushers and Grinders take the first slice of the cake. These metallic and magnetic ones are an absolute delight to flaunt and own. Wouldn’t you want one?


A fine reminder to get wrecked while crushing your herb.


An alternative with the same message, perhaps?

And for those of you all who are dabbers out there, there’s something special for you too. Just take a look at these spectacular dab mats.


Mr. Meeseeks on this dab mat knows what's up.


Would you just look at the colors on this one!


Just Rick and Cornvelious having a Good Time.

Once all ground and good to go, where do you suppose you could store the remaining deliciousness?

We found a bunch of goodies to sort that out as well.


Lovely pastel-colored Pickle Rick Stash Jar.


Doofus Rick in the house. Also, take a good look at this neat cleaning and stash tray. Schwifty!

How to sort your herb and get Schwifty 101

Now there are a lot of ways you could enjoy your herb. And we’ll show you all the beautiful intricacies you could do that with. First up, good old pipes.


This Plumbus pipe could be the most discreet way to smoke.


This easily concealable Pickle Rick pipe would do the trick too.


I’m Mr. Meeseeks, smoke with me!


Smoking herb and hopping dimensions.

We haven’t forgotten the dabbers and the bongheads either.


Plumbus dab.


A fine assortment of Rick and Morty bongs.

And all of those spliff and doob fanatics, we have you covered too.


Rick “The Roach” Sanchez


Who would smoke this?


This is sure to take you places with just a drag. Where does one go from here? Oh right!


Pickle Rick turned himself into a lighter.


Take it all in. Have a good time. The ash? That’s sorted too!

This looks more or less like a Teenyverse by itself.

For those willing to take it to a whole new level, here are some of the sickest sheets ever.


These incredibly detailed blotting papers are an absolute visual delight even before consumption.


Could the visuals get any Schwiftier than this?


To wrap it all up, here’s a little reminder of how it’s all done, for the uninitiated. Have a good one, family.