It was a typical day at the Waffle House where 18-year old Evoni Williams was working as a waitress. It was a particularly busy day when an elderly gentleman called for her attention. Rather than ignore him, she asked what he needed. The man, named Adrian, was on oxygen and was struggling to breathe. He said that his hands were not functioning well, and asked if she could cut his ham for him. Without a second thought, Evoni did as he asked.

Little did these two people know that someone else was observing what was happening. It was another customer, Laura Wolf.

She was so moved by the simple gesture of the teenager that she took a photo of the two individuals, with Evoni busy cutting the customer's food. She posted it on Facebook. The post immediately went viral. As of press time, the post has gained 121,000 likes, 6,900 comments and 62,000 shares.

In an interview with KHOU-TV, Laura Wolf said she was surprised at this kindness. To the waitress, it might be of no matter, but to the customer who needed help, it was a big deal. It is a breath of fresh air to witness such events, in contrast to all the negative things happening in the world. Initially, Laura Wolf did not know the young waitress' name, but ever since the post went viral, she found out soon enough.

People online have nothing but positive things to say about what transpired. Some called her a guardian angel, while others claim that their faith in humanity has been restored by this teenager.

The city of La Marque takes notice

But not only were random people from the internet responding heartily to this act of kindness; the City of La Marque itself became aware of this beautiful deed.

She was award her own day by the city. They proclaimed March 8, 2018 Evoni "Nini" Williams day. La Marque Mayor Bobby Hocking himself presented the award at the Waffle House.

Texas Southern University Scholarship

It was later revealed that Nini was actually saving her waitress tips so she can go to college. Hearing about her kindness and how she intends to pursue higher education, Texas Southern University was quick to offer the teenager a $16,000 scholarship.

The university also put Evoni Williams in touch with a counselor to assist her in enrolling. She plans on taking up business management.

When asked why she did what she did, Nini simply said it is something she would do any other day. These random acts of kindness are something that, hopefully, the world will emulate.