It is the unspoken truth that web-based social networking can be a vessel for futile babble and antagonism. But there are cases out of the blue that prove it can make a circumstance significant enough to really and actually enable people to communicate things and feelings that really matter, and help make someone’s day. That is precisely the thing that happened not too long ago this week on Twitter, and it unfurled like a scene from a light-hearted comedy that left a huge number of netizens teary-eyed and brimming with contentment.

Not all heroes wear capes

We know Daniel Harmon, or Dan, as the brains behind brilliant and wacky shows like "Rick and Morty" and "Community" and for his podcast, "Harmontown." His considerations may influence us to snicker when we hear them or see them spring up on screen, yet Harmon's life isn't all jokes. There has a tendency to be some cover amongst drama and dysfunctional behavior, and with regards to imparting his own encounters to melancholy, Harmon is definitely not modest, and extremely so, that it's nothing unexpected that one of his fans tweeted at him to request guidance for individuals living with depression.

A little insight into what happened

A discouraged young lady tweets at a VIP she admires and appreciates.

The big name gives her life-changing counsel as general society looks on shocked and appreciative of the response, and everyone comes together to back the feeling of revelation and a greater understanding of self.

To elaborate, Twitter user @chojuroh tweeted "do u have any advice for dealing with depression" to Harmon earlier this week, not expecting a reaction.

Harmon responded, however, in a progression of tweets that have been applauded by fans and educated advocates of emotional well-being alike.

Harmon prompted the Twitter user to “admit and accept that it’s happening.” He further advised her that "feelings are real, but they aren’t reality," and that, "output is magical" regardless of whether that be drawing out your sentiments or setting aflame a piece a paper engraved with dim considerations to a fresh start.

Many expressed gratitude toward Harmon for his helpful, thoughtful reaction.

Harmon's sympathetic reaction is an invigorating case of how online networking can cultivate some feeling in a group. The reaction left @chojuroh stunned and captivated, as she expressed gratitude toward the "Rick and Morty" maker for his accurate and adequate assistance.

Several other Twitter users chimed in to thank Harmon for his words.