White House communications director Hope Hicks announced that she was leaving the White House, making her the latest member of Trump's inner circle to resign. Hicks departure was confirmed by the White House on Wednesday.

Hicks exit will definitely have a ripple effect within the West Wing, where Trump now must work without his most loyal aide. Hicks managed to maintain a low profile inside the Trump administration. Hicks previously worked for Trump at his company, during the campaign.

Hicks testified before the House Intel Committee

Fox News reported that Hicks resignation comes just a day after testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, admitting she told white lies during her work at the White House.

It's unclear if the resignation was connected to her testimony. Hicks is expected to stay on for another few weeks, before leaving.

President Trump released a statement calling Hicks smart, thoughtful and a truly great person. Trump said he is sure they will work together again in the future. Hicks also released a statement, thanking President Trump and wished Trump and the administration the best as they continue to lead the country.

It's unclear who will become the new communications director, which is a position that has been filled by four people. Recently, Mercedes Schlapp has stepped in and taken over some of Hicks' duties while she handled the crises that have arisen.

While the White House will be able to fill the position, they will struggle to find someone who knows how to work with the president as well as Hope Hicks did.

Trump allies were shocked to here of her departure, with one saying he could not imagine Trump without Hicks at his side.

The future is bright for the young political insider

As Hicks leaves the White House, Hicks is expected to receive numerous high profile opportunities including TV deals, book deals and possible positions at corporations.

However, Hicks will leave the White House a little battered and bruised, over her role in drawing up the misleading statement about Donald Trump Jr's visit with a Russian lawyer, who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

Politico reports Hicks was one of a few White House officials who was involved in the crafting of the statement aboard Air Force One, which claimed Trump Jr., took the meeting with a Russian lawyer to discuss US policy on Russian adoptions, rather than to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton. She also recently came under fire over her part in crafting the White House's first defense of Rob Porter, who resigned over accusations of domestic abuse by two of his ex-wives. Hicks originally began her time in the campaign as the press secretary.