Since the knowledge of the Mueller's preparation to investigate of President Trump is already public, reaching a point where a grand jury has been convened, it provides some a more well-rounded view to that public of the kind of power that Mueller could be bringing down on Trump for his campaign's possible collusion with Russian officials. Since news of the grand jury made headlines last month, the developments to come will have more of an impact on that power and even perhaps, what the outcome might look like. For instance, there have already been reports that Mueller could be looking into Trump's finances where he might even have his very sought after tax returns.

That reality has already, reportedly, triggered President Trump to respond as well as his legal counsel who has said that if they believe the special prosecutor is going too far that they will try and yank him back. One of these lawyers, Jay Sekulow, seems to be "charged up" to confront Mueller if this happens. But there are other developments with Trump's other campaign aides which should form a larger picture, such as reports of when Paul Manafort's condo was raided by the FBI in July. On Wednesday, it was reported that the grand jury subpoenaed everyone involved in a Trump Tower meeting that was arranged last year, to get damaging information from Russian officials on Hillary Clinton.

Akhmetshin's hacking related history

It's been reported that Paul Manafort was one of three Trump campaign officials who were at a meeting that was held at Trump Tower last year, arranged by a promoter Rob Goldstone, with four Russian officials. One of those officials being Rinat Akhmetshin who is reportedly now being investigated by Mueller's team.

Like the other Russian officials present at the meeting, Akhmetshin has denied that he has any connection to Kremlin officials. But it's been reported that Akhmetshin's presence at the meeting is interesting because he had already been tagged in two cases related to Russian hacking where he was somehow associated with groups that were involved.

It was discovered after Trump Jr. attempted to mislead the public that the meeting -- which took place on June 9, 2016 -- was to lure the Trump campaign in by the promise that they would get information that would be able to damage Clinton's campaign, giving them the upper hand. In the week after that meeting, it was reported that the Democratic National Committee servers had been hacked and thousands of emails had been stolen. Those emails ended up being published by Wikileaks.

Mueller following Trump Jr's intentions

Mueller recently reached out to the White House telling them to hold onto all documentation related to the Trump Tower meeting. Since then, it's been reported that White House legal counsel has communicated with Mueller's team with Trump apparently asking that his counsel let Mueller know that he likes the job that he's doing.

This could only be seen as the President doing as he does which is to try to "lather up" the special prosecutor.

The investigation is also focusing on Donald Trump Jr's intentions for having the meeting. A source close to the investigation told BuzzFeed News in an article titled: "Trump’s Son In Crosshairs Of Special Counsel Mueller" that investigators were scrutinizing details of the emails between Trump Jr. and the meeting's organizer to find the intent. The source in the article said that that Trump Jr. likely violated federal election law by asking for and/or receiving damaging information against a rival candidate by a foreign source.

The source in the article also pointed out that Mueller is looking for what state of mind Trump Jr.

was in when he went forward with the meeting to prove that he acted with intent. The article points out that Trump Jr's initial response -- which was dictated by the President himself -- was that the meeting was about adoption programs. This was only a few days before it was discovered that it was actually about Hillary Clinton.

The fact that Trump Jr. misled the public with the dictated statement shows that he has a consciousness of guilt. CNN reported on Wednesday that congressional investigators found an email from Rick Dearborn, the President's Deputy Chief of Staff, who allegedly tried to arrange a different meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian President Vladimir Putin.