Police arrested and later released 23-year-old Connecticut College Student Nicholas Graham for making violent threats against students he had disagreements with on Snapchat. Graham allegedly issued violent threats against three students at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, threatening to "find them and kill them, and their friends."

According to the NY Post, Graham is a former student from the high school.

Multiple students and parents filled 911 reports, leading to Fairfield Police arrest Graham at his home on the university's campus. Graham was detained by Campus police and later handed over to Fairfield police. Fairfield Police confirmed that Graham was in their custody on Wednesday.

Graham denied he would act on threats

Graham denied he was intending to follow through with his violent threats, saying they were mostly driven by emotions he felt at the time. Fairfield High School officials said police officers will be patrolling the school to protect the students.

The Fairfield Sun said that police charged Graham with second-degree breach of peace, one charge of second-degree threatening and one second-degree harassment.

In the arraignment, Graham's lawyer Eugene Riccio told the judge that Graham had no criminal record and that no weapons were involved in the situation. He received a $20,000 bail. Graham was ordered to remain at least 100 yards away from the school. Graham's family posted bail.

Fairfield police released a statement thanking the public for coming forward and reporting violent threats aimed at schools and students.

Police have also confirmed that Nicholas Graham did not have the capacity to act out on these threats. School officials notified students of the threat.

Nicholas Graham has serious mental health issues

Fairfield police confirmed that Nicholas Graham had been committed multiple times in the past for being suicidal. They also reported that there's no indication that Graham had access to weapons.

According to Riccio, Graham is currently on medication and meeting with a psychiatrist.

Fairfield Police Lt. Robert Kalamaras said that every threat is taken seriously because they don't want something like the Parkland shooting to happen in Fairfield. Law enforcement confirmed that this incident was not connected to the threat made against Staples High School in Westport. School officials are encouraging students to come forward if they hear something or see something. Police across the country are on heightened alert following the shooting in Parkland, Florida.