Spring of 2018 is less than 30 days away and according to "Vogue" there are 10 trendy colors to choose from for your warm weather fashions. This year's hues have a wide range that goes from pastel to strong vibrant palette. Although there are no bright vibrant shades, everyone should be able to find something they can work with. The tones have a wide range and include" Military Green, light green, tomato red, rapture rose, lavender, purple, sky blue, chocolate brown, milk white and yellow. The lighter colors are those that older individuals will remember fondly as the go-to shades for Easter Sunday attire and school spring programs.

Pastel shades are in for spring and summer 2018

According to "Vogue," lavender will be the dominant color in 2018 and can be worn on a masculine suit as well as feminine attire. Ultra Violet is the shade of purple, that is Pantone's shade of 2018. Sky blue will evoke a sense of the heavens, while rapture rose is that shade that seems to combine red and pink, and designers are featuring it on light fabrics this year.

Light green will be popular and this year it has a fresh delicate nuance. The resurgence of yellow is said to be only to complement purple, which is its complementary color.

There will be no doubt, however, that women will be brave enough to strut this bright hue on fashions all by itself. Milk white is a neutral tone which is always in style. It can be worn by itself or with any other color you chose.

The darker colors are also fashionable this year

This year the darker colors are considered to be fashionable and possibly may catch on with consumers.

Military green is not a traditional spring color but "Vogue" indicates that it is neutral, like beige that "breaks" sporty or elegant looks on a military ensemble. There are women who wear this color in a head to toe look by women in urban areas. Chocolate brown is usually a fall shade, but it is on the runway in 2018 and considered as a hue that cannot be resisted.

Tomato red is the brightest of all the colors for warm weather 2018 fashions. This bold and entrancing hue can be seen on pajamas by Victoria Beckham and cocktail dresses from Phillip Lim. This vibrant shade of red is not a traditional spring or summer look, but this year will be popular. It will be interesting to see how many celebrities will go with the choice colors this year or continue the trend of the combinations of red, black and white. The pastels as well as the darker shades recommended by Vogue will be a beautiful change if indeed it catches on.