Lonzo Ball has been nursing a knee injury going into All-Star Weekend. It does not mean that he hasn't kept himself busy or not been in headlines, though. The Point Guard is talented at basketball, but one of his other hobbies/passions is music. Yesterday, Ball dropped his debut rap album labeled "Born 2 Ball," which has had fans and others turning their heads. It already has faced some harsh criticism, but he's used to that.

The details

Lonzo Ball, who raps under the name Zo, announced the arrival of the mixtape about a week ago. The cover features a much younger Ball with his father.

The project has seventeen tracks clocking in at fifty-four minutes long. The tape contains already released singles "BBB," "Get Off," "Zo2" and "Super Saiyan."

Information about the mixtape was found via an article on Highsnobility by writer Kyle Hodge. The tape has a heavily featured artist named Kenneth Paige.

Performance for the season

Like his music, the rookie guard has been criticized for his season numbers "averaging 10.2 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 7.1 assists a game, or pissing off Twitter with his wild Nas Illmatic hoodie." His overall field goal percentage has been less than stellar. Although, he has shown flashes of brilliance in his game in terms of dishing out assists and rebounding the ball for a rookie.

Lonzo Ball has been sidelined from playing for weeks due to a sprained MCL, but he should be back after the All-Star break. We will have to see whether the guard can continue to improve on the floor with his shooting and being more aggressive.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a good spot, with a bunch of young talent. They drafted well, getting players like Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, and second-year player Brandon Ingram.

It is clear to see that Lonzo Ball is the face of the L.A. Lakers now and in the future.

Mixed reception

"Born 2 Ball" has had mixed reception on Twitter for the most part with fans and others liking the tape as a collective whole or criticizing it for being horrible and having no substance. The responses to the project on Twitter are pretty hilarious.

Insight into the tape

After listening to the tape, it shows that Ball has some potential when it comes to rapping, but that he should just stick to basketball and that he is better at that. It's nice to see that he has another passion for something other than basketball, after all, he is not the first basketball player to be a rapper on the side as NBA players like Damian Lillard, Iman Shumpert, and Victor Oladipo make music themselves.

The best songs on the album are "Puttin in Work," "Check," "Freestyle," "Gotta Get It," and closer "LaVar." "LaVar" is interesting, as Lonzo reflects on what his father means to him and the rest of the family. His father, LaVar Ball, has been in the media for a while for his constant comments and showboating when it comes to his sons.

The tape overall is decent at best. His delivery and tone are decent. However, the production on the tape is not terrible, and the lyrics could be better, but they aren't horrible. He tends to say the same things on the project about the Big Baller Brand and about playing basketball. However, for a full-time basketball player, it is not bad. Lonzo Ball has a bright future in the NBA at least.