We usually have tight schedules as students, and most times cannot get good job. The best option is to resort to online jobs in order to pay some bills and get our school needs. Online jobs give you the chance to work whenever you want to and you have no bosses. It is also very suitable for night owls, because the day is always very occupied and limited.

However, there are more scams on the internet than legit work from home opportunities. If you happen to ask Google how you can make Money Online, many of the sites there will all be asking you to invest before getting your own money.

You will see Forex sites, cryptocurrency and the ponzi schemes that dominate the web. There are even sites that will promise you a six figure income online doing nothing and believe me, once you invest into them, you might have lost your money. Losing your money to a cheap scammer somewhere in the web is one of the saddest things that can happen to you online. It makes you feel like the biggest fool in the whole world, and nobody likes that feeling. That is why we should focus on working hard online to make our money.

Are there legit ways to make money online as a student?

There are so many scams online, but there are also legit ways to make money online as a student. Some of them, like freelancing, require no startup capital at all, while the other ones, like blogging and Affiliate Marketing, require little startup capital.

You can even start building websites for people and get paid as much as $200 for each website you build. You can also be a ghost blogger on another blog and get paid by the owner, sometimes as high as $120 per month depending on the website you are working for and your contributions to them.

You need a lot of hard work to succeed working online, but the remuneration is worth it.

Anything you can do can fetch you some good money online, such as graphics design, surveys, affiliate marketing and referrals.

Which opportunities do I have to choose from on the internet?

There are so many opportunities to choose from online, depending on your hobbies and your extra time. You need to leave enough time for your academics because you would not like to get low grades.

It’s all about using your time wisely.

  • You can make money online as a student by blogging. You create contents\ and in turn monetize them with affiliate marketing, ad networks and other ways. You can also be a guest blogger on other people’s blogs.
  • Students also make money online by freelancing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or graphics designer, there’s a way for you. You can create a gig on Fiverr and start monetizing your hobby today.

Affiliate marketing is all about generating sales for products and getting money from them. You can make money as a student doing that too. You can also refer people to use products and services which you have used and make money from that.