Shock waves are rippling throughout Christianity because world-renowned televangelist Benny Hinn has made an alarming admission on Facebook live. On Friday the faith healer admitted that the Prosperity Gospel he has been preaching is a lie. Hinn and another popular Word Of Faith teachers have been telling the faithful that God rewards their service by making them millionaires. Creflo Dollar and Joyce Meyers who taught the same message have now toned it down by saying that prosperity is more than money. Benny Hinn is the first actually to acknowledge that this false message is not biblical.

The prosperity gospel tenants

The message that has made millions for Benny Hinn and another word of faith preachers is one that says God rewards those who serve Him with riches on the earth. In truth, the televangelists who teach it do not receive unexpected supernatural favor from heaven as they tell others. They get rich by telling church members and TV viewers to tithe, give additional offerings and to also "sow a seed" into their ministries.

The tenants of the prosperity gospel indicate that the more money you "sow," the more will come back to you by supernatural means. Ironically Hinn and the others beg for funds and receive them from Christians week after week while telling those same people to wait for a due season, expect God to move supernaturally in their own lives.

Now after the death of Billy Graham who only preached the gospel of Christ, Hinn says he isis rethinking his message.

Benny Hinn is on a new path

The televangelist is now saying that the gospel should not be about anyone but Christ, which is the way it always should have been. He admits that he is as guilty as others of teaching things that were not in the Bible. Hinn said that sometimes you can go too far but that God will bring you back to normality and reality.

He emphasizes that Elijah, the Apostles, and Jesus did not have vast wealth but makes no apology for all the money he has tricked out of believers in Christ by lying that giving to his ministry would cause God to give them back much more.

Benny Hinn sounded repentant but did not indicate that he would be willing to give back any of the money he obtained by pretenses.

Neither did he say he would be willing to scale down his lavish lifestyle which he claimed was his reward from God. The world-renowned faith healer has taken a bold step and seems to be on a new path. This may open a door for other prosperity preachers to come clean as well.