When I first got a laptop I didn't know that I could be making a living from it. I was using it as a portable DVD player and as a game player. I would spend a lot of money on YouTube streaming videos and at the end get nothing. It was at this point that I started imagining if one could make money from his laptop. I was always seeing advertisements online about making a lot of money with just a laptop and internet connection but they all looked like scams. I didn't trust any until I attended a seminar. The seminar was an empowerment one and we were taught various ways of making Money Online.

After that day, I got a better mindset and it took me to my next level financially.

Are there scammers online?

The answer is yes. There are so many scammers online and I have been scammed too. You should be wise enough to predict these scam sites or ask questions before investing in them. I'm making a good amount of money and I believe everyone else can. It only needs your determination and perseverance. There are so many ways to do that even without capital. It's true that you need capital to blossom in any business, however, even if you don't, you can still survive online.

What are the ways of making money online?

There are so many ways of Making Money online depending on your passion. If you are determined and focused, then you will be able to escape the many scams that flood the internet.

I will discuss some of the ways through which you can make money online here:

Blogging: This is simply making money online writing about your passion. If you enjoy entertainment, politics, and sports, then you can handle a news blog. If you enjoy talking about food, then a cooking blog will be the best choice for you. There are so many other blogging niches such as fashion, technology, and health.

Affiliate marketing: You make money online by referring customers to sellers. It's a very lucrative internet career and can be done on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other place. All you have to do is to write an interesting post and maybe include an attractive image. You get paid as they are bought.

Freelancing: Many websites such as Blasting News and Fansided will pay you to write for them.

This is a doesn't need any capital to begin.

Graphics designing: If you are good at Photoshop, then you can be making money from it. You can create designs and logos for individuals and companies. They pay you as agreed and you invest nothing.

Video making: If you have a quality camera and can make nice videos, then you can make money from them. Go to YouTube.com, create a YouTube channel and start making money from views you generate.

Selling photos: If you have a nice camera and can take quality pictures, then you can sell them online at websites like Shutterstock, iStock or Getty. All you need is to create an account and start selling them.