A boy by the name of Mason was out with his family, enjoying a meal in Titusville, Central Florida. While the family was eating, the young boy spotted a claw machine inside the premises and went over to try and win a Stuffed Toy. However, he became so determined to get the particular stuffed animal toy he wanted, he climbed inside the machine. However, he soon found out it was much easier to get in than out again and firefighters had to come to the rescue.

Stuffed animal toy catches a young boy’s eye

It turned out an off-duty firefighter from the Titusville Fire and Emergency Service Department was on the scene on Thursday evening when the incident happened.

He soon assessed the situation and called out his fellow firefighters to rescue the young boy.

Images shared by the Titusville Fire and Emergency Service Department on their official Facebook page show Mason with a shocked look on his face, trapped inside the claw machine and surrounded by colorful stuffed animals. The young boy was understandably nervous at his plight and adults soon gathered around the machine.

According to the Facebook post, members of the fire department often say among themselves that they never know what their next shift might bring. They mentioned particularly the unexpected ways they get the chance to help people in need, saying this is what draws people to public safety.

They said that February 8 was no exception. Explaining that Mason had been enjoying a meal before deciding he wanted a stuffed animal, they went on to explain that he was so determined to get that toy, he had climbed into the claw machine.

Firefighters to the boy’s rescue

The Facebook post went on to say that Mason was never in any distress, as their Lieutenant was there to solve the problem and save the day.

Lt. Abernathy reportedly led Engine 10 to the rescue, along with Firefighter George and Driver Operator Lane. They made short work of getting Mason out of the claw machine, with the least amount of damage done.

The firefighters said they love a happy ending and were glad everything worked out for the best, while Mason joined his Mom and friends enjoying dinner.

However, they did add in a comment that not only did Mason get out safely and rejoin the family, he was also able to keep the stuffed toy he had longed for so much.

As noted by People, while it’s difficult to imagine how a young boy could get inside the machine, the fire department posted a photo of the opening at the base of the claw machine (pictured below), which let Mason in, but not out again.