Coca-Cola has two new flavors, and they are different from anything the company has had in the past. The soft drink company made its selections after testing 30 flavors and trying them out with about 9,500 people who drink Coke. These two new flavors are the first additions since Vanilla Coke was added in 2002. So, what are the two new flavors that will be available in March?

Two new flavors

coca-cola has a raspberry flavor made with raspberries grown in California. Coca-Cola also has a peach flavor made with peaches grown in Georgia. Not only are the two drinks new, but their packaging is different.

The two new flavors do not come in cans or in liter bottles. They come in 12-ounce glass bottles like they did years ago. The bottles have a vintage look with no labels. That's because the Coca-Cola logo is printed directly on the bottles. The drinks can be purchased as singles or in a carton of four.

To promote the brands, local artists from each state have been enlisted to produce art to advertise the new products. They are using paintings and murals that not only introduce the products, but they showcase their art on buildings and billboards in their hometowns.

Senior brand manager Lillian Norton said in a press release that the company wants to come up with more local products so people can have the opportunity to experience the products no matter where they live in the country.

Brands released earlier this year

This is the second time this year that Coca-Cola has released new products.

Back in January, the company came out with four new Diet Coke flavors in 12-ounce taller and slimmer cans. They, too, were fruit-flavored. There are twisted mango, zesty blood orange, feisty cherry and ginger lime.

So, what is Coca-Cola trying to achieve with these fruity drinks?

The soda company is trying to give consumers a new experience. The company believes California Raspberry and Georgia Peach will give consumers the taste they long for. People don't have to live in those two states in order to enjoy the delicious flavors, but for people who do live in California and Georgia, the drinks will inspire them to consume a local soda that represents their very own state.

Just like other companies, Coca-Cola is coming up with innovative ideas to give their products an edge over their competitors. The 131-year-old company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia isn't sitting still when it comes to experimenting with and producing what consumers want. With the two new flavors in vintage glass bottles, the soda company is pleased to present the two new flavors to thirsty consumers in March.