A new era has dawned on The Coca-Cola Company as it enters the year with four new Diet Coke flavors on its roster. After 35 years, the iconic zero-calorie beverage brand is relaunching its products with an updated look, new packaging, New Flavors, and a new campaign to go with it – their offering to the millennials that make up most of their market.

Coca-Cola North America group director Rafael Acevedo said that in the brand’s relaunch, Diet Coke is becoming bolder and more innovative in their approach to beverages while staying true to the brand.

Diet Coke rebranding has been a long time coming

Despite the seemingly sudden move, the Coca-Cola Company has been on this innovation process in the last two years, when they found that younger American have an affinity for big, great-tasting flavors. With the millennial generation always looking to try new things, Coke wanted to be with them on their journey with the new packaging and flavors that are set to be launched mid-January.

After speaking to over 10,000 people across the country, Coca-Cola’s research and development team tested different flavor combinations with tropical, citrus, and botanical notes until they were able to zero in on the ones with the best customer responses.

New Diet Coke flavors coming soon

The flavors that garnered the most positive responses – and the ones that can be found in shelves across the board later this month – include Ginger Lime, Fiesty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango. These flavors are said to bring more variety to the brand, at the same time, satisfy the more adventurous taste buds of Diet Coke’s millennial fans.

For those who are fans of the classic Diet Coke and Coke Zero Sugar, there is no need to worry. According to the company, these classic flavors are not going to be phased out – all the company wants is more variety in their brand. In fact, Diet Coke will still be offered in all its existing package sizes, including the standard 12-ounce cans, mini cans, and glass bottles.

Declining sales volumes reason for relaunch

As shoppers become more interested in their health, Coke has had to battle declining sales volumes over the past few years. Consumers are now trying to cut back on their sugar intake, pushing companies like Coca-Cola to work on finding natural sugar substitutes. However, whether or not the new Diet Coke flavors will help increase sales is something that the company will have to see. Do you think you’d buy these new flavors on a regular basis, or are you looking into cutting carbonated drinks from your diet completely?