Every year after the Super Bowl, plumbers have to work overtime because they have so much work to do in households that hosted parties. Gary Findley, CEO of Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain shared six reasons a plumber needs to make house calls after the game is over. He also gave advice about how to prevent problems with the garbage disposal, drain pipes, and toilets.

1. No bones

There will be lots of food to be enjoyed by the people at the party. They might eat a lot of chicken wings and leave bones on their plates that the host inadvertently puts down the garbage disposal.

If that happens, the disposal cannot grind the bones small enough to pass through the drain pipes. It is much better to throw the chicken bones in the trash can instead of putting them down the garbage disposal.

2. Don't overload

Findley says every time you run the garbage disposal it doesn't have to be full. He suggests that it is more effective if it isn't fully loaded. It runs better if there is room enough for food to be chopped up into small pieces. Findley also advises to let cold water run throughout the grinding process.

3. Leave things out

Strings and peels are better left out of the disposal. Foods like celery and baked potato skins shouldn't be put in the garbage disposal at all. Celery strings get twisted up in the blades and potato skins get tangled up also.

They could damage the disposal, and a plumber will have to be called.

4. Leftovers can go in the trash

It is much better to scrape leftover food from plates and serving dishes. Put it in the trash can. Too much food in the disposal could lead to a costly plumbing problem.

5. Grease not allowed

Never pour grease down the drain.

You might say a little bit won't hurt, but it will. Grease should never be poured down the drain pipes. Even a little could solidify and cause clogs. Instead of pouring any amount of grease down the drain, put cool grease in a disposable container. Then put the container in the garbage can.

6. Toilet pipes

More toilet paper is used when there is a house full of people.

Single-ply toilet paper is better to be used because it moves down the commode and through the pipes faster than the thicker kind. When there's a crowd at your house, use the lighter weight paper and no plumber will be needed after Super Bowl Sunday.

There are other plumbing problems that can be addressed, but the above ones are the biggest the concern plumbers the most. Hopefully, plumbing problems will not exist at all in your house.