Super Bowl 52 is set, and so is this year's version of the Super Bowl Squares printable bracket! The New England Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles in two weeks from U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While Vikings fans are feeling the sting of coming so close to being the first team in NFL history to play in the big game in front of their hometown fans, it will be the Eagles who will be representing the NFC conference.

How to play the squares

An estimated 100 million people will wager on this year's Super Bowl in some way, shape or form.

One of the most popular ways of making a small investment in the game is the annual Super Bowl squares contest. If you have never heard of the squares, where have you been?

The Super Bowl squares are a very popular game, especially at parties and at many places of employment. If you don’t know how the squares work, here is a brief breakdown.

First of all, you start with an empty 10x10 grid. This will give you 100 different squares for players to choose from. A person can select one or more squares depending on how many or how often they want a shot for lady luck to come their way.

The next move is to assign one team to the column across the top, and the other to the column across the left-hand side. So for example for this year's game, you can put the Philadelphia Eagles across the left-hand side, with the New England Patriots streaming across the top - or vise-versa, it doesn’t matter which team is on top or the side.

Now that you have your grid set, you just need to find people to play! The most common way the game played is to charge a certain amount per square. It can be any amount, but most participants usually agree to between $1 to as much as $10 per square, just depending on how low key you want to keep things. Once the entire grid of squares has been selected, it is time to assign the numbers to each column and row.

Numbers are usually randomly selected by the person running the pool by choosing them out of a hat or even using a random number generator online.

How you win

So, how are the winners determined? It’s simple. Here is an example. Let’s say Philadelphia is leading 7-0 after the first quarter is complete. You would then check out your grid and match up the box that has the number “7” for Philadelphia and "0" for the Patriots. The pool player who selected that square is the winner. That’s it! The same process continues for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. Remember this is all for fun, so you don’t have to stick with these rules exactly. You can make up your own house rules and prizes as you deem fit.

Super Bowl squares can be played for free, with just bragging rights to the victors. Some workplaces who don't want to involve money as a prize make things interesting by offering the winners various prizes such as a free lunch on the company, gift cards, or even a day off with pay. No matter how you play the Super Bowl squares, just have fun with it.