McDonald's may not seem like the most obvious place to take a date on Valentine's Day. Lovers have to ball on budgets too, though, even on the most romantic day of the year. At least one franchise of the fast food chain recognizes that this year.

There's just one issue for Americans looking to get swept up under the golden arches. They'll have to travel across the pond to get this particular deal. That's right: Valentine's Day is going to the next level in the United Kingdom, not the United States.

McDonald's joins the festivities

The promotion is being run at a location in Newcastle.

The fast-food chain is offering a three-course meal for any couple that makes reservations in advance. The deal will cost couples 20 pounds, which is equivalent to $28.25, according to the current exchange rate. Perhaps the menu is worth it, even though that seems like an exorbitant price for a McDonald's meal for two.

The location is unveiling the special Valentine's Day menu via email to prospective customers.

Someone at Metro UK did some digging and uncovered those menu options. The appetizer includes a few Chicken McNuggets and some carrot sticks. The main course consists of basically any typical McDonald's entree, with a drink and fries. For dessert, there are the typical options as well, though you'd be foolish to pass up on a McFlurry.

That being said, it doesn't actually seem like the Valentine's Day menu is anything special - it just seems like the everyday menu, simply thrown together in a more coherent way.

Other ways to spend Valentine's Day

For the people in the United States, maybe you're not missing much by sacrificing a date night at McDonald's. Perhaps you can take your loved one (or yourself) out to somewhere more upscale than a fast food franchise.

Buy them some chocolate and some flowers. Better yet, do something personal that only your boyfriend/girlfriend will understand and appreciate.

There's nothing wrong with a business trying to take advantage of the capitalistic nature of Valentine's Day. In fact, they would be silly not to. But it doesn't seem special enough to eschew other plans that may be more romantic or intimate.

Kudos to McDonald's for getting in on the act. Not sure if anybody really wants a Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets for the big day, though (although a McFlurry never hurts). Valentine's Day is an excuse to do something out of the ordinary, not something you may do on the daily.