When the word Prince pops up in someone's mind, a figure with wavy long hair that resembles youth and vitality usually arises. Unfortunately, this stereotype has just been busted. Recently Britain's very own Prince William has decided to surrender to his balding hair and go cold turkey with the razor and shave it all off.

It is clear that style and public glamour may not be on the priority list for the future King of England, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Over the years, advancements in humanity have caused several cultures to change their traditional looks, making it very noble-like for Prince William to take the brave first step and lead the way for the rest of the royal heirs.

Long time coming

It is already well reported that the royal family has been jokingly bullying the prince about his hair problem for a while now, particularly his brother Prince Harry. It was even noted that the haircut was an attempt to stop all the criticism from his brother regarding his balding scalp.

As a child, the prince had a full set of hair that was in the form of long blonde locks at one point. It was evident throughout his 20s that he was starting to lose this look as his receding hairline became more evident.

Unlike a lot of trendy men, Prince William did not give up on his strands immediately and go Bruce Willis, up until now at 35 where only a thin layer remained before it was shaved off.

A royal sense of humor

With this much comical buzz about a haircut, it's not surprising that the Prince was a little embarrassed, especially considering his high regard.

Fortunately, both he and his family are taking it lightly and even making jokes about the matter, according to Parade.com.

Kate Middleton, the 36-year-old wife of Prince William was reported to be with him and remarked "You need it more than me," as she pointed to the bald head and giggled.

How much did you say?

For the royal family, only the best is acceptable.

But when you look at this haircut, anyone with the slightest clue would understand that it is your standard shave that could be bought for $20. According to sources, the buzz-cut was a whopping 180 pounds.

Despite these claims, the prince denies it. "The Duke is very amused that anyone thinks he has enough hair to justify that kind of money," stated by an anonymous member of the royal family.

It's unusual that a new haircut would create so much commotion, but when it's the next heir to the throne, it can cause quite a comical stir. If one thing's for sure, it's that any stereotype about a Prince's hair-do being thick and long is now dissipating if not gone. Let's just hope wife Kate and brother Harry have stopped pestering Prince William.