According to Praise 104.FM, there are ten things that made the list that should have stayed in 2017 and not make an appearance in 2018. See if you agree with the list that includes things that have been going on around the world.

Top five on the list

Reality television is at the top of the list of things that should have been left behind. There seems to be a reality show about almost everything. Just because the shows are on the air doesn't mean all of them should be watched.

Mass shootings at concerts, schools, and churches were listed as number 2, but it should have been number 1 on the list of things to leave behind.

Mass Shootings need to end because they do not belong in 2018. Also, people have had enough of Partisan Politics and have concluded that if elected politicians can't lead together, they should take their bats and go home.

Coming in at number three is mumble rap. Generations differ on their preferred type of music, but today’s hip-hop music is like nothing that has ever been heard before. If that type of music could be left in 2017 and never heard again, many older adults wouldn't be sorry at all.

Sexual harassment was happening all the time in the workplace, but it came to the forefront in 2017. The public had looked up many of the accused men who disappointed them when their misconduct was exposed.

Hopefully, no more will be added to the list in 2018.

The rest of the list

Oversharing on social media reached an all-time high in 2017. Some people post just too many private things. A young lady once posted that she wasn't wearing underwear that particular day. The public didn't need to know that. Also, the public doesn't need to know about every meal someone eats.

There is no need to get angry and comment on everything you see on your newsfeed. It's news, and you shouldn't take it personally because it is not about you. Save your anger for things that matter.

Stop blaming racism for everything that's going wrong in your life. Racism is real and still exists. It did not go away when the ball dropped on New Year's Eve.

There is enough evidence that proves racism is still in the world without you making it your word of the day. While we would have loved to leave it behind, it is still present in 2018.

It would have been a joyous occasion if the inaction on gun legislation could have been left behind, but it wasn't. Some people talk about gun control, but not much is done about it. There is something wrong with the world when people are more concerned about keeping up with the Kardashians than about guns that kill people

The last one on the list but certainly not the least is not investing in better health. People are dying or suffering from all kinds of sicknesses and diseases because they are not taking care of themselves. In 2018, it would be beneficial if better health was a priority.

Praise 104.7 FM also made a list of the top ten people who should be left in 2017.