I am Jason Doodle, a freelance journalist contributor to BlastingNews and as promised in previous articles, I will continue to focus on topics such as human religion and spirituality. America is spiritually hungry and many in the USA have an interest in religion as it is a global issue.

Today I will discuss the people behind the movement of the representation of the pagan community in Romania.

Cosmin Olteanu, president of the Association Movement of Neopagans from Romania, decided to give me some details beyond the closed doors of the MNR.

Beyond the closed doors

Cosmin Olteanu told me that "the neopagan movement could not exist without a few people who put their time, money, energy, and ideas into the service of the MNR and the Gods. MNR is a community made up of people and I think they are the heart or the most important part of the association. I think if it was not Silviu Pop, the pagan community did not have any legal form of the organization today, he said"

He went on, saying, "He also inspired the MNR members desire for involvement because we also had a very low rate of participation in the life of the pagan community. Moisei Ovidiu strives, from the beginning, to adapt to the goals and objectives of the MNR. This is not a bad thing, but a very big one, in my eyes and not only.

Ovidiu is actively participating in MNR decisions and I think that's another bonus point he's given. Iunia Domol is one of the members who does not want to know the true identity of the outside people of the association, but that was not a hindrance to joining the MNR mission. Currently, she coordinates the activity of MNR Branch Targu Mures as president.

I think it is an example of involvement and sacrifice because as a medical frame it's hard to split into two places and of course to be effective at the same time."

The community gets involved

"The list of people involved in the life of the pagan community in Romania is long and I can say that I feel blessed with the help of the young, the mature and the elderly involved in the organization I honestly represent and coordinate with," he continued.

"I'm sorry about a few things. Marius Apostol, the president of the Youth Association in Bacau, has always had negative remarks about us. Constitutionally it is his right, but it is not a good thing to represent only a part of the young people, and others, because of their religious distinction, to demonize and discriminate them. The real problems we face are outside the association. Christian churches act all the time, driven by hatred, for our destruction, and the community has more than ever needed us. The emergence of an association, to be the voice of these pagan minorities, upsets and creates fear, I believe."

"However, it is true that we are together and love them. One member of ours, Alexander P., still has problems with monotheistic parents.

His sexual orientation is no longer so dangerous in the face of the danger of his religious orientation. Of course, the position of the parents tells us a lot, and their deeds let them themselves be done. I personally got involved in this case. I have succeeded in winning the struggle in the adoptive family, who have tried to impose or force certain sets of Christian values."

he ends by saying, "To finish, I see a very beautiful future of the MNR, only with my community and the people involved in it. Gods bless us! "