According to Paise 104.7 FM, there are ten top people the public wants to hear less about in 2018. The radio station concludes that the public wants them to stay in 2017. Let's see if you agree with the list that includes actors, musicians, and politicians.

Top of the list

Bill Cosby tops the list even though he has not been in the news much lately because of others who have been accused of similar wrongdoings. The consensus is that if the public never hears another thing about the disgraced comedian, everyone will be just fine.

Everyone seems to have heard enough about the Kardashian and Jenner family and are tired of trying to keep up with them concerning their love lives and babies.

A statement was made that if the Kardashians would relocate to a desert island without cameras or WiFi, they would be doing the world a big favor. The world needs to be spared from knowing every detail about their lives.

President Donald Trump could be moved to the top of the list, according to some people's personal preference. On this list, he is number three. Some people, including some in his own party, have had enough of him and don't know how much they can take for three more years. They want him to realize he is unfit and unlike any other President of the United States. They want him to just quit because running the country is unlike running a reality show or having a bunch of hotels and golf courses.

Fans are not going to like this one, but Beyoncè made the list. While the world loves her and like her music, some folks are tired of trying to figure out the hidden messages in her social media posts, songs, and videos. Did anyone ever find out who Becky with the good hair is?

Making the list at number five is Tyrese Gibson.

Someone needs to take the actor's phone and relocate him with it to another planet.

Another five

The public is suggesting that maybe Omarosa just needs to be the First Lady at her husband’s church and stay out of the public eye not just for a little while but forever. It has been suggested that Sarah Huckabee Sanders go back to the Midwest with her Midwestern mom face and unpleasant voice.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott made the list as number seven. People don't believe anything he is saying. They want him to disappear into a sunken place. People are tired of Congress and want a new one.

People seem to know everything they want to know about NeNe Leakes. They think she has made her money and gotten her makeover. They want her to go away from the television camera. Perhaps she could become a member of Omarosa's church where she would be out of the public eye.

All the reality shows, especially the housewives, need to give the public a break from the fuming and fighting. If we have seen one of the housewives shows, we have seen them all no matter which city they call home.

Not listed but should be

The above are the ten top people listed by the radio station who the public wants to stay in 2017 and not bring their stuff into 2018. Others who should be included on the list are those who have been found guilty of sexual assault and harassment.

Also, people are tired of the rap feuds. It might be acceptable to bring Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, and other rappers in 2018 if they pledge to stop the drama. Singers Katy Perry and Taylor Swift should do the same.