After first experiencing an hour’s delay when departing from London Stansted Airport, Ryanair flight FR8164 arrived at Málaga airport in southern Spain, only to sit on the tarmac for another 30 minutes. Passengers were not told why they couldn’t disembark on arrival at 11 PM and one passenger was so frustrated, he decided to make his own escape from the plane, using the Emergency Exit.

Ryanair passenger opens emergency door and exits

Everyone knows what it’s like when your plane is delayed and possibly those who have flown Ryanair themselves can understand the passenger’s decision.

Being crammed in like a sardine and bombarded with sales talk during the flight is more than enough. In the case of the passenger, named only as Victor, he really couldn’t wait any longer. As reported by the BBC, his fellow passengers heard him announce that the 57-year-old Polish man was going out “via the wing.”

According to another passenger on the Ryanair flight, Fernando Del Valle Villalobos, Victor had decided he was not going to wait a moment longer. He said Victor grabbed the handle and opened the emergency door, leaving the plane.

He added that the whole thing was “surreal.” Del Valle Villalobos, who was capturing the moment on video as it happened, said the man sat himself down on the wing and waited until the flight crew managed to persuade him to get back inside the plane. Readers can watch the incident as it happened in the video below, with much amusement from onlookers..

Passenger talked back into the plane prior to his arrest

Victor apparently lives in Málaga and took his coat and hand luggage with him as he climbed out the emergency door. Airport ground crew also helped to talk Victor into returning to the plane, where he was later arrested.

According to Del Valle Villalobos, he didn’t know why Victor did it, saying he must have “lost it” and using the emergency door was the first idea that came into his head.

However the Independent quotes another passenger, Raj Mistry, who had been seated next to Victor, as saying it may have been because he was suffering from asthma and needed some air.

Mistry added that no one seemed to notice the passenger was having problems with asthma, which is why he decided to leave the plane. However, he added that the Spanish Civil Guard officers in the airport didn’t want to listen to what Victor had to say.

According to a spokesperson for Ryanair, Málaga police immediately arrested Victor, and as it is a breach of the Spanish safety and security regulations, the incident is being dealt with by Spanish authorities. The impatient passenger is likely facing a fine.