Oprah, that one word can launch millions of Americans into a tizzy and this is exactly why she should not run for president of the Unies States. Ms. Winfrey like the current Commander In Chief, is a self-made millionaire who has star power. This does not, however, indicate that she would have the capabilities needed to work in the oval office. After her speech, during The Golden Globe Awards, speculation began that she may consider setting her sights on the White House. Her longtime companion, Steadman Graham even indicated that it would be up to the people to decide.

The former Talk Show Host's overwhelming popularity, may be a major reason she should not put her hat in the ring.

Oprah strengths could become her weakness

Ms. Winfrey is definitely a success story, going from wearing potato sacks as a child to becoming a talk show host, and eventually becoming a business mogul with her own television network. Unfortunately, Americans have watched one billionaire businessman fail miserably during his first year as commander in chief. Donald Trump was elected because he was not a career politician, but his celebrity status in no way prepared him to be able to handle the job. Clearly, Oprah is more popular with the masses but being rich and famous could be more of a hindrance.

It was Oprah who helped Barack Obama to rise to power, but he had experience as a Senator from Chicago. He understood the three tiers of the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of the American government which is something neither Trump nor Ms.Winfrey has experience with. The lack of experience and the unrealistic expectations of her many fans could cause the former talk show host to be a bigger failure than Donald Trump.

It's possible that her strengths in the entertainment industry may become her weaknesses in the oval office.

Popularity could be her downfall

Just because Oprah Winfrey is good at many things does not mean that she would succeed at every endeavor. This nation is already watching one individual, with celebrity status, fail miserably.

He seems unable to grasp the concept of being presidential. It is true that the black female business mogul has a curious appeal and has acquired a level of success and notoriety that eclipses other talk show hosts of her era. She is an eloquent orator who articulates herself very well.

In truth, none of this gives any indication of what type of job Oprah would do as the leader of the free world. Perhaps it would be best if she stays in her lane and continues at what she does best. Her loyal fans probably could not handle it if they ever saw her fail at any task. It's important to note that these career politicians are not likely going to be as willing to be led by another celebrity as commander in chief after the colossal failure of the current one.