As Donald Trump continues on with his agenda in 2018, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been in lockstep to defend his every decision. After the most recent press briefing at the White House, those who oppose the president wasted no time firing back after Sanders gave her thoughts on a potential Oprah Winfrey run for president.

Sanders on Oprah

While it's only just over a week into 2018, the White House has been forced to address several scandals and controversies. From the release of Michael Wolff's best selling book "Fire and Fury," to the present's feud with Steve Bannon and his reckless tweets, drama is never far behind Donald Trump.

One other headline has involved the potential 2020 presidential campaign of Oprah Winfrey, who sparked speculation following her speech at last Sunday's Golden Globes. In an attempt to deflect from those issues, the administration has tried to focus on more positive aspects, including an improving economy and president's plans on immigration reform. These issues and more were discussed during the January 9 press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as reported by CBS News.

Taking questions from reporters on Tuesday was White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was eventually asked about her thoughts on Oprah running for president in 2020 and whether or not she is qualified.

"Look, "I disagree very much on her policies," Sanders said.

"Is she a successful individual? Absolutely," Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on to say. "In terms of where she stands on a number of positions, I would find a lot of problems with that," she continued, while adding, "That's something that she would have to determine and layout if she made a decision to run and what that campaign would look like."

Instant reaction

Following her thoughts on Oprah Winfrey possibly making a run for president, Sarah Huckabee Sanders came under fire for her remarks.

"Oprah has many fine qualities, I can think of a couple treating all people with dignity, The ability to listen and try and find a suitable solution, these are two that are lacking in the current administration," one tweet read.

"With what policies is Huck-a-lie having a problem?

Has Oprah released a policy statement? Does Huck-a-lie disagree with kindness, generosity, and compassion?" another Twitter user wondered. "Sarah, how can you answer that? First, @Oprah never said she was running. Second, how do you what her policies are? Cause she likes bread and tacos?" an additional tweet noted.

"Well, we disagree with where your boss stands on many positions too so..." a follow-up tweet read. "Oprah is a strong, intelligent woman - Sanders can’t relate to that - she’s all about the cult of Trump!" yet another tweet stated.