Donald Trump never shies away from a controversial topic. He weighed in on yet another one on Friday morning. When presented with the opportunity to address the "March for life," the president jumped at the opportunity, just as his vice president did a year before. Trump sparked the abortion debate once again by decrying the current legislation across the country in regards to the issue. But many were upset by his comments as the United States moves closer to a pro-life mentality.

Trump speaks

Rather than attend the "March for Life" in person, President Trump decided to speak via satellite from the White House's Rose Garden.

He stated that the event was "a movement born out of love," bringing up the fact that every life is held to be sacred. He also stated that only 12 percent of the country supports abortion at any time, though a fact-check of that from the latest Gallup polling demonstrates that his numbers are greatly off.

Trump's bombastic rhetoric also resulted in some confusing remarks. At one point, he lamented the fact that babies were being born out of the womb during the ninth month of a pregnancy.

That sounds like what should be happening in the ninth month of a pregnancy. He also brought up "Roe v. Wade" while partially obscuring its legacy as a victory for women, instead seeing it as a defeat for the pro-life crowd. For one day, however, he had the backing of the "March for Life." An assessment of his past views could change that.

Trump's previous abortion views

Trump hasn't always been the person with the right views for the "March for Life." During an interview back in 1999, he called himself "very pro-choice," railing against the very idea of abortion.

Additionally, the transcript from a 2004 appearance on "The Howard Stern Show" is making the rounds, where Trump seemingly suggests that he would have liked his ex-wife to have an abortion, rather than give birth to Tiffany Trump.

It's no surprise that Trump is moving more towards the right as he comes under attack repeatedly on issues ranging from immigration to his own mental fitness. He chooses the path that is expedient for him at any given moment. On Friday, that led him to addressing the "March for Life."

Some other day, Trump could disavow the "March for Life," totally depending on where his base moves him. For now, the pro-life movement will celebrate the support of one of the least popular presidents in the history of the country.