Many celebrities use their fame and fortune to improve their own lives and those of the less fortunate. Camila is one of them. Here are 9 Facts you probably didn't know about ex-Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello.

1. Children's Health Foundation

She is part of the Children Health Foundation, an organization that helps people with depression and suicidal thoughts, by telling them to seek help, either from a friend, family member, doctor, or by calling their Suicide Prevention Hotline. She also dedicated her music video "Havana" to DACA Dreamers.

2. Quinceañera gift

For those of you who don't know, quinceañera is when a Latinx girl celebrates her 15th birthday. According to an NPR interview with Michel Martin, instead of having a big party, she asked her parents to take her to North Carolina, to audition for "X Factor." Thankfully, her parents were very supportive of her dreams and drove her to the auditions. The rest is history.

3. 'Crying in the Club'

The song "Crying in the Club" was not part of her debut album as a Solo Artist because it did not perform well on the charts. It was originally planned to be the lead single, but instead, they chose to go with "Havana," which topped the charts in several countries. Sia, another singer, co-wrote the song.

This was also her first solo song after leaving Fifth Harmony.

4. 'Ain't Easy'

According to iHeartRadio, alongside One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder, Camila and Ryan wrote "Ain't Easy." It was supposed to be for Camila, but they gave up the song to Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. This song briefly topped Camila's song "Havanna" on the iTunes Charts in Canada.

5. Nationality

She was born in Cuba and ended up moving to Florida when she was very young.


For the Fall 2017 campaign, she was the face of GUESS, which started her modeling career. She is a very attractive singer, so it was not surprising when the news went public.

7. Cuban-Mexican

She has family from both Cuba and Mexico.

8. Shy person

Camilla was a very shy person, and, before "X Factor," she didn't talk much or go out frequently.

9. Fifth Harmony

She was a member of the very popular female group Fifth Harmony. A long time before she was officially out of the group, she had the idea of making her own songs. Once she did "I Know What You Did Last Summer" with Shawn Mendes, the tension between Fifth Harmony and Cabello increased. The song was a success, reaching the 20th position on the US Billboard Top 100.