There are a lot of artists who are celebrated these days for their music, their talent, and their creativity. Elvis Presley died in 1977, but there are still some interesting things his fans are finding out about him. When they do find out some of these things, they usually say, "Oh, I didn't know that."

The late elvis presley lived from January 8, 1935 to August 16, 1977. During his short life of only 42 years, he left his mark on the world because of his music and his movies -- among other things. He led an interesting life.

About his life

Most people don't know that Elvis Aaron Presley had an identical twin brother.

Jesse Garon Presley was stillborn when he was delivered 35 minutes before Elvis. Therefore, Elvis grew up as an only child because his parents had no other children. People say twins run in the family. Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie Presley has twin daughters.

Elvis was always seen with dark black hair, but his natural hair color was brown.

About his music

Elvis paid $4 to use a recording studio when he was 18 to make a record for his mother, Gladys Presley, as a gift. He credited his career to his mother. When he was 11, he wanted her to buy him a rifle, but she gave him a guitar instead.

Presley recorded a total of 600 songs, but he didn't write any of them. He was a singer but not a songwriter. Different songwriters wrote each of the songs that Elvis sang, and the singer put his own spin on every single one of them.

For example, his familiar "Hound Dog" was written by Leiber and Stollar, and Kal Mann wrote the words to “Teddy Bear.”

Since his death, Presley continues to set records with a count of 130 albums on the Billboard 200. He won three Grammys and many other awards. He received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into five different music halls of fame.

His music covered many different genres, including gospel, pop, country, and blues.

As of 2018, Presley has been credited with 136 million certified album sales in the United States. His 106 gold albums are more than any other singer, as well as his 63 platinum albums and 27 multi-platinum albums.

About his movies

Elvis made a total of 33 movies in his career.

Most of them are titled after his songs. For instance, he made his film debut in November 1956 when he appeared in the western "Love Me Tender" at the age of 21. His parents were audience members in his second film, "Loving You." After his mother's death in 1957, Elvis never watched that movie again.

Upcoming documentary

A documentary about Elvis Presley's life and legacy will debut on HBO on April 14 in a three-hour presentation from 8 to 11 p.m. His fans are looking forward to discovering more about the singer and actor since there is still so much more to know about his journey. Musical recordings will be released before the documentary on April 6. Viewers will see the singer's journey from his childhood until he died.

Never-before-seen photos will be included.

On January 8 every year, loyal fans celebrate his birthday. He would have turned 83 years old this year. Every August 16 on the anniversary of his death, thousands of people meet at Graceland and celebrate his memory with a candlelight ritual.