Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a cultural norm during the holidays and more people are getting into the habit of showing off their favorites every time December rolls around. Ugly Christmas sweaters have become somewhat of a competition every year, with people competing with each other to show off the ugliest sweaters they can find. One woman began her Ugly Christmas Sweater collection in 2009 and by 2015, her collection had grown to over 350 sweaters. Buzzfeed spoke to Hannah, the self-proclaimed ugly sweater lover, who admitted that it's kind of crazy to own so many ugly Christmas sweaters.

Hannah loves all of her sweaters

Hannah told Buzzfeed that her first ugly Christmas sweater was purchased from eBay back in 2009. Her family then began a long-running joke of purchasing such sweaters every year. That's how she began her collection, which burgeoned to more than 350 in 2015. But how much do her and her mother's collection cost? Hannah admitted that together, they had spent about $2,000 on all of their ugly Christmas sweaters. She also noted that those with characters such as Snoopy, Minnie, and Mickey Mouse, and Winnie the Pooh would have more value than those without those licensed characters. She said, "We could probably triple what we spent if we sold all of them." However, it seems that Hannah isn't letting go of them anytime soon.

Sweaters bring joy

Hannah told Buzzfeed, "This is a good kind of crazy. It's fun, I wear one every day of the month of December and it makes people happy. I walk down the street and people are like, 'That's a cool sweater!'" She appreciates the artistry, skill, and even humor that goes into every one of her ugly Christmas sweaters.

Ugly Christmas fashion is a thing

Christmas-themed clothing aren't limited to sweaters nowadays, as another woman has branched out to sprinkle some holiday cheer on other fashion items. According to Mirror, Deb Rottum first created jumpers and has branched out into producing shoes, hats, and bags to her "Ugly Tacky Christmas Sweater Party" fashion line.

She first began creating sweaters in 2014 after being inspired by collections found on eBay. She figured that it would be a great idea to not limit herself to sweaters. The idea turned out to be a profitable business, as she admitted to selling a modest 150 to 200 pieces every year since its inception. There's a lot of labor of love when it comes to these sweaters, as Rottum admitted that she did everything herself and did not hire employees.

What's your favorite Christmas clothing and why?